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FALL 2021. The Elberton Granite industry began manufacturing monuments and memorials over 120 years ago, with the Elberton Granite Association being formed in 1951 as an effort to bring together Elberton granite manufactures and retail customers. During our 120-year history of manufacturing granite monuments and memorials, the members of the EGA have developed and fostered relationships with retail customers across this country. Many of these relationships are generational, with business having been done for decades with the same families. The EGA members have always prided themselves on manufacturing and delivering the highest quality granite monument and memorials to their customers, which in many cases, they regard as family. Given the current state of the of the granite industry as well as manufacturing across this country, the EGA members take it personally, not being able to give their customers, their family, the timely deliveries of quality granite products, as they have done in the past. Elberton is not running out of granite, but we are experiencing some of the same issues that are affecting other manufactures in other industries around the country. Issues related to the pandemic, such as shutdowns and quarantines have disrupted our normal manufacturing schedules Labor. From quarry and plant workers to stone cutters, mechanics, and truck drivers, we are experiencing a shortage of people applying for open jobs. Some of the skilled wage rates are up 40-50% per hour in the last year because many manufacturers are trying to either attract new workers or keep their current ones from leaving for other opportunities locally. Equipment and supplies. We are also facing issues getting stencil, getting parts for our machinery, getting imported blocks of colored stone to use in our manufacturing process. Difficulty upgrading infrastructure to meet the current surge in orders. Contractors for building new facilities or upgrading plant capacity are back logged and new machinery for production is back ordered. Unprecedented volume of ordering from our retail customers. One of our EGA members is reporting a 199% increase in total sales ordered from June 2020 to present without the labor or plant capacity to keep up with the current surge These are not excuses, they are in fact real world problems that are affecting not just the Elberton granite industry, but our other granite and stone manufacturing partners as well as manufacturing in general, throughout the United States. The Elberton manufacturers are keenly aware of the issues facing our industry currently, and they are working as hard as they can to meet demands and deliver products. Our plants are working at capacity given the current issues, and with the resources we have available at this time. The EGA would ask all of our partners and customers to understand that we don’t like this situation any more than you do, and we are just as anxious as you are for it to be over. When that will be is anyone’s guess, and until then, just know that the EGA and its members are doing everything we can to get your products manufactured and delivered. We may not like the current situation, but it is where we are at. We all need to work together to get through this situation, so please pass this information along to your customers and keep them informed about delivery schedules. Also, please check with your manufacturer before you promise something that can’t be delivered The EGA and its members value our customers. We know you have a choice when purchasing granite products, and we appreciate that you choose to do business with the EGA. We look forward to continuing the production of the finest granite monuments and memorials for our customers. Thank you. TRUSTEES ELECT NEW 2021-2022 OFFICERS The EGA Board of Trustees is continually striving to maintain the proven excellence that has always been shown as one of the nation’s largest monument industry’s trade associations. In order to maintain this highly sought-after position, the association must maintain a strong and efficient board of trustees and elect dedicated and trustworthy officers. The Elberton Granite Association is proud to introduce this year’s board. In the front row, left to right, Mark Hill with Hillcrest Granite Company, Inc., Michael Baston with Baston Monuments, Inc., Jason Edwards with Southern Granite Company, Inc. and Bo Rutherford with Pyramid Materials, Inc. The second row from left to right is Trudy King with King’s Monument Company, Inc., Billy Bryant with Gold Eagle Quarries Inc., Bob Paul with Eagle Granite Company, Inc., Chris Kubas, Executive Vice-President of EGA, Jake Smith with Central Granite Company, Inc. and Rose Walker with Walker Granite Company, Inc. New officers for the 2021-2022 year were voted into position on July 14th at the monthly board meeting. Billy Bryant with Gold Eagle Quarries has assumed the role of President of the Elberton Granite Association. Rose Walker with Walker Granite Company is the elected Vice President and Bob Paul with Eagle Granite Company was elected Treasurer. The Association would like to extend a big “Thank You” to the three members of the board that rolled off of the board this year. Stan Mills with L&M Granite Company, Marty Walker with Walker Granite Company and Nick Fleischer with Eagle Granite Company. It is through hard working men and women like this, that EGA continues to be a success in the granite industry of today. The Elberton Granite Association Proudly Presents This Year’s Scholarship Recipients. Addielyn Mackenzie Dellinger was the EGA Scholarship recipient for Oglethorpe County High School. Addie is the granddaughter of E. Owen Smith, Jr. who co-owned and operated former EGA member Smith Brother’s Memorials. Addie is looking forward to her studies at The University of Georgia College of Agricultural Environmental Science. It is there that she will pursue a Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences while also being a majorette in the UGA Redcoat Marching Band. Addie’s long-term goal is to became a trauma surgeon. Good Luck Addie in all of your future efforts. April Reyna Vargas-Santiago was one of two EGA Scholarship recipients for Elbert County Comprehensive High School. April will be attending the University of Georgia this fall where she will work toward her Masters Degree in Psychology. April is connected to the granite industry through her father who works for EGA member-firm, Matthews International. We wish April the best of luck accomplishing her goals! Macie Benson is the second student from Elbert County Comprehensive High School to receive the EGA scholarship to further her education. Macie will be attending Athens Technical College beginning this fall semester. She will be studying Early Childhood Education as her major. She hopes to teach once her degree is accomplished. Best of luck Macie, in all you set out to do. The Elberton Granite Association is proud each year to help young people in the area to take that next step to further their career none of which would be possible without the support of our wonderful member-firms. WILSON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC BUYS HYDRAULIC ROLL BENDER WILSON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC has been on a roll this year updating their facility with the latest technology to service the stone industry. One of their latest new pieces is a Hydraulic Roll Bender that assists them in creating smooth bent piping that is needed to create parts for saws and mills used in the industry. This machine is capable of bending up to 4” round tube and 3” Schedule 40 pipe and 3-3/8” x 3-3/8” x 1/4” angle iron. It is built to last using heavy steel plate that is bolted and welded for further structural strength allowing for no flex at full capacity. It is powered by a 220-volt-3-phase motor. This angle bending roll comes standard with an industrial grade hydraulic transmission that drives all three rolls. The same hydraulic system controls the movement of the angle lateral guide rolls as well. These rolls help keep the material from twisting while being bent. WILSON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC PURCHASES MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CNC TURNING-MILLING LATHE MACHINE. This CNC Turning-Milling Lathe Machine is yet another recent purchase for Wilson Industrial Electric. This machine assists them in making parts and pieces for the machines that they build in their warehouse for the stone industry. The new machine is built for easy and convenient operation with space in the machining zone that has been maximized to prevent interference and offer flexibility while reducing any chance of collision between the cutting tools and the machine. The new machine has the capability to cut metal as large as 460 mm in diameter and 548 mm in length giving it a great versatility in the different parts that can be created. EGA is proud when its members take every step possible to ensure that they produce the highest of quality machines and products. Great Job Wilson Industrial Electric! MILES SUPPLY INTRODUCES NEW CLEANER LINEUP MILES SUPPLY recently started offering a new line of cleaners for the stone industry. The lineup consists of a Marble Bio-Stain Cleaner, a Granite & Masonry Cleaner, a Black Granite Cleaner and an Oil Remover Putty. Different types of stones require different levels of chemical for a complete and safe cleaning. For this reason, a whole new line of cleaners was developed that can be purchased both in Barre, Vermont and in Elberton, Georgia. Marble is a much softer stone than granite and therefore requires a milder chemical. It removes biological growth from natural stone but works best on softer stone like marble, slate and limestone. The granite cleaner works on all natural stone including monuments, dimension stone, and walkways. It removes dirt, algae, moss and fungus from the stone. The black granite cleaner leaves a streak-free finish and it wont discolor or etch the stone. This formula is developed just for the unique needs of black granite! Oil Remover Putty is a poultice that is smeared onto the oil stain in the stone. Wait about a day for the putty to absorb the stain. DESIGN MART OFFERING COMPLETE ONLINE SERVICES In today’s business environment it is essential for a company to have an online presence with a website and social media. Design Mart has helped hundreds of companies reach that goal and find more customers online with custom, creative solutions. Design Mart has solutions for almost any budget. For larger budgets it is possible to design a custom site from the ground up, while those with lower budgets can take advantage of economical yet effective standard templates. Whether a site is custom or based on a standard template, Design Mart will write content and place pictures. Changes can be made at any time. A low monthly fee includes hosting and making changes to text and adding photos to pages or galleries. Design Mart also creates each site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. With a complete list of products offered and areas served, Design Mart includes meta keywords in each site to increase search engine results and page ranking. The Legacy version of Design Mart’s Online Monument Catalog & Designer may also be connected to any site - even sites not built and hosted by Design Mart. The Online Monument Catalog & Designer is a powerful addition to any site - turning any website into a sales tool that can be used by customers. Customers may use the site to browse or search monuments by type or try their hand at designing their own. Retailers also find it very helpful in the office or on a smart phone. Sites also come with free logo development for companies that don’t yet have a logo. In addition to website design and hosting, Design Mart can also help establish a social media presence on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Welcome to the team. The Elberton Granite Association is always excited to see new employees beginning their career in the stone industry. From designing, to marketing to labor.... there is always room for great people to grow the industry. A.Q. STONE DESIGN GAINS TWO NEW EMPLOYEES Ryleigh Rosenburg recently joined the team at A.Q. STONE DESIGN. Ryleigh is going into the 11th grade at Elbert County Comprehensive High School in Elberton, Georgia. Ryleigh is participating with the ECCHS Work-Based Learning Program. The program is an educational opportunity that prepares high school students for the world of work through a combination of related coursework, career counseling, and structured workplace learning. The program involves employers working directly through the high school, including assessing student performance, creating relevant curriculum, and developing occupational skill standards specific to business and industry. This allows Ryleigh to work part-time and maintain her schoolwork. PORCELAINS UNLIMITED HIRES NEW EMPLOYEE PORCELAINS UNLIMITED is pleased to welcome Paige Huff to the growing team. Based in the company’s North Port, Fla. headquarters, Paige will apply her strong background in marketing and business development to support Porcelains Unlimited as well as promote the continued growth of several other Tanner Lewis companies. Porcelains Unlimited blends old world craftsmanship and modern technology in order to produce beautiful memorial porcelains in unique shapes and vibrant colors. “A lot of advances have occurred in the monument and memorialization industry in recent years,” says Paige. “It’s a really exciting time to join the team.” HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION HIRES NEW EMPLOYEE Alex Roberts is the newest employee hired on at HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS. Alex began working with Husqvarna in January of 2021 and has become a solid employee with a vast number of capabilities. Alex began his career at Athens Tech where he studied welding planning on a future in Industrial Maintenance. At Husqvarna, he runs a debrazer machine along with a grinding and brazing machine. He does hand brazing when it is needed. Alex also spends part of his day taking care of general maintenance of the shop to make sure things are clean and safe for he and his fellow co-workers. Welcome to the EGA family Alex! Elberton Granite Association Held Its Bi-Annual Level III Blasting Class. Twice a year, the Elberton Granite Association holds a Level III Blasting Class. The purpose of this class is to ensure that any persons working in a member-firm quarry and handling explosives is properly trained and certified to do so. The fall class was held August 13,2021. The class is taught in part by Matthew Pruitt, EGA Safety Coordinator, a representative from Dyno Nobel, Dunn Explosives along with representatives from ATF. The blasting class is mandated by the state of Georgia’s Fire Marshal Office to ensure that any person using explosives maintain safety protocol. The course is taught for 8 hours in the time frame of one office day and ends with a test that must be passed with a 100% accuracy grade. If that test is passed the participant is issued a Certified Blaster’s Certificate that is good for two years at which point the participant will return for another training session to maintain certification. Savannah Valley Quarries Employees Receive Their Safety Training As A Team. Savannah Valley Quarries consumed a large portion of this year’s Level III Blasting Class with thirteen of their employees all training together. The company that just recently joined the Elberton Granite Association set this up so that all of their employees would be certified and require training together throughout the coming years. Teamwork and safety are a top priority for this company. 5th Annual Museum Foundation Golf Tournament. Arrowhead Pointe Gold Course. Rescheduled to spring. The 5th Annual Museum Foundation Golf Tournament has moved to April 22, 2022! SPONSORSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE! Hole-In-One Contest • Closest To Pin • Longest Drive Putting Contest • Awards Ceremony & Buffet Sponsor Platinum, Gold & Silver Sponsors • Hole Sponsors Gift Bag Sponsors Visit www.egaonline.com for more information, or contact Matthew Pruitt at 706-283-2551. mpruitt.ega@gmail.com All proceeds of the Elberton Granite Association’s Annual Golf Tournament are used to benefit the renovation and upkeep of the Elberton Granite Museum. More details to come this FALL. Contact Matthew Pruitt at 706-283-2551 or mpruitt.ega@gmail.com for registration or more information on how you could help with sponsorship. The Elberton Granite Association Museum Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 entity. FIVE FULL DAYS OF TRAINING INCLUDING... Setting Techniques • Advertising & Marketing • Pricing EGA Cemetery Planning Services • EGA Certified Memorial Program Computer Graphics & Design • Symbolism • Industry Terminology Quarrying Process Manufacturing Techniques Cleaning Options Networking DURING THE 5 DAY SESSION WE WILL VISIT Working Quarries Manufacturing Plants Mausoleum Plants Etching Studios COST $300 For More Information Contact Matthew Pruitt at 706-283-2551 or email mpruitt.ega@gmail.com Bobby Mattos, CM of Bras & Mattos Monument Company and Mike Johns, CM of Johns-Carabelli Company will be the guest speakers at this year’s Monument Retailers Course hosted by The Elberton Granite Association. You wont’ want to miss it! “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” EGA Asks You To Send Us Your Photographs! Do you enjoy seeing your monuments published in the Graniteer or even better.... on the cover? Has it been awhile since one of your monuments was featured? One major misconception is that only EGA Members can submit a monument for consideration. That is not the case. The Elberton Granite Association would like to invite retail memorialists that purchase granite monuments from an EGA member-firm to submit their favorite monuments to the Graniteer editor. Monument photographs can be sent to graniteer1@gmail.com. The monument must meet certain criteria. It must be fabricated in the United States and by an EGA member-firm. This means the monument can be made from an imported granite if it was brought here via block and not pre-fabricated shape. Once a monument has been submitted, the editor of the Graniteer will reach out to the EGA member-firm for permission to move forward with featuring the monument. Many times, the member-firms are asked to send monuments to be considered for the Graniteer but they struggle to have completed photographs of the monuments set in their permanent location. This is something that retail memorialists usually have access to. For this reason, some monuments that should be featured and displayed in the quarterly publication never get that opportunity. EGA is hoping to open that door a little bit and make it easier for the memorialists to be able to see their works of art published. So, when you finish that beautiful monument and it is all set, snap a few photographs, jot down a few details that might help the article be written and pass it along. (Pages 14 and 15 of this edition of the Graniteer offers many tips on how to take that perfect photograph). The Graniteer editor is committed to assisting memorialists and member-firms to obtain the very best photograph possible and if any questions ever arise, please feel free to contact her. She will gladly discuss and/or advise prospective monument photographers on how to obtain the best results. Call 706-283-2551 or email at graniteer1@gmail.com. At EAGLE GRANITE COMPANY, quality is the very first priority and this spectacular mausoleum is no different. Eagle crafted this six-crypt walk-in mausoleum for Naples Memorial Gardens in Naples, Florida. Eagle Granite Company used Silver Cloud Granite quarried in Lithonia, Georgia in making this elegant mausoleum. Silver Cloud offers a light gray base tone with silver veins running throughout giving it a unique character of its own. The pieces of this mausoleum are all polished aside from the Tuscan style turned columns and planters which are steel finished. The Bank Style roof adds to the classic charm. This impressive creation stands tall at 13-ft., 3-in. tall and 11-ft., 6-in. wide. It measures 13-ft., 3-in. deep. This mausoleum can be found in the Naples Memorial Gardens located in Naples, Florida. Often times, a mausoleum at Eagle Granite Company is crafted and built in the manufacturing plant prior to reaching its final location. As with every mausoleum, this exquisite masterpiece began as an idea, a thought, a concept. Those ideas are discussed with the customer in an effort to bring out important ideas that give a personal touch to the family in the design. Once the design is complete, the mausoleum goes to the design team where they digitally create each piece with exact sizes and dimensions so that its pieces together perfectly. That information is then sent to the production team where they spend hours of time shaping, finishing and customizing each piece before being sent to the construction team. In this department, the builders construct the mausoleum according to all of the specifications. Details are added such as the doors, windows and any other custom pieces like bronze embellishments or vases. The completed mausoleum is then loaded onto a tractor trailer before leaving the manufacturing plant and taken to its final location. This method is often used to assure there are no problems that arise during construction. By constructing in the plant, pieces can be adjusted as needed to have the finished piece display the highest reflection of Eagle that could be acquired. MAJESTIC GRANITE COMPANY created this beautiful monument from Lake Superior Black Granite and Georgia Cherokee Marble for Lott Granite Memorials in Wiggins, Mississippi. This black granite comes from the state of Minnesota off the shores of Lake Superior. The tablet portion of the monument is polished on front, back and top while the left and right portions feature a frosted finish on the front and back and rock pitch on the edges. The sub base is made of Georgia Cherokee Marble and is all sanded. The marble base offers a great contrast between the tablet and Lake Superior Black base and vase. The tapered vase is polished on front and back while the base is sawn on the inside edges with a polished top and rock pitch on the outside edge. The lot is edged with black coping that is sawn on the inside edges with rock pitch on the outside edges and polished on the top. This memorial is certainly a masterpiece of granite and marble. Majestic Granite Company did a great job of bringing it all together. This monument can be found in McHenry Gardens Cemetery in McHenry, Mississippi. PYRAMID MATERIALS is responsible for this unique styled monument made from Pyramid Blue granite. The die consists of 3 pieces of granite that make the shape of a castle when assembled. The all polished, granite columns were each sawn along the top like turrets of a castle and rounded for the circular effect. KING’S MONUMENT COMPANY assisted Pyramid with the two towers and base to help achieve the customer’s vision. Along the back of each column (not shown) are recessed windows carved into the granite. The all polished tablet portion of the monument features a flat top and straight ends. The base has a polished top and 4-inch polished margin that finished with rock pitch all the way around and to the ground. The ends are rounded to maintain the curve of the turrets that sit atop it. This spectacular monument is located in Fort Cobb Cemetery in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma. This massive monument weighing more than 9,400 lbs was created by KEYSTONE MEMORIALS, INC. for Quality Memorials, Inc. located in Carthage, Missouri. The Haubein family designed this fantastic memorial and Keystone’s Missouri Red granite was chosen for both the tablet and base. The 2-foot-deep tablet is rock pitched on all sides and features a recessed panel with the raised letters forming the family name on both front and back. The base was created with a 6-inch high and 8.5-inch-wide steeled drop wash that bears the sandblasted names and dates of the family. The remainder of the base is rock pitched. This monument can be found at the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery in Lockwood, Missouri. EAGLE GRANITE COMPANY created this stunning 9/11 monument that honors a victim who lost her life that day for Kirby Monument Company in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The monument is made from Jet Black granite and has a sawn cutout that now holds a piece of a beam that was from the South Tower. The tablet along with the subbase is polished. The base has a polished top with the edges all rock pitched. The monument can be found sitting outside the Wood County Judicial Building in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Tucked into the Historic Snellville Cemetery in Snellville, Georgia stands this upright family monument created by GEORGIA MAUSOLEUMS. The monument stands 10-feet, 8-inches tall without the bronze statue. It is the tallest monument in the cemetery and is easily seen from any vantage point there. Georgia Gray granite was used for all six of the pieces that make up this spectacular monument. The surfaces are all polished and have a recessed panel with raised letters creating the family name. This magnificent memorial is a great example of how machine tooling and hand crafting pieces of varying sizes and shapes blend together. The many angles and fine details display a great example of the quality that Georgia Mausoleums strives to maintain. The columns are Corinthian style with volutes. One column sits on all four corners of the mid-section of the monument. Georgia Mausoleums did a great job creating this monument and setting it in the cemetery. This remarkable upright Colorado Yule Marble monument was crafted by REYNOLDS MARBLE & GRANITE COMPANY for M&R Granite in Spartanburg, South Carolina along with Sculptor Clint Button. Clint hand carved the cap of this monument to match the customer’s requests. The pedestal features a one-inch diminish on each side. The top subbase is cut with a check in between two drop washes leading flawlessly into the bottom sub base which also was cut with a drop wash. The base of the monument is made from Georgia Gray Granite and has a 1.5-inch steel margin with rock pitch finishing the edges. This memorial is a reproduction of a very similar memorial from 1875. Both memorials are located in Nazareth Church Cemetery in Moore, South Carolina. Reynolds Marble has been a member of the EGA since 1978 and has always had such a high standard for the quality of their monuments. This monument is just another representation of the quality and craftsmanship that they strive to maintain. Great Job! This great memorial was fabricated by J & B GRANITE COMPANY. Mr. Jimmy Lee Jones was a former monument manufacturer in the Elberton area. He was an avid outdoors man so J & B designed his monument to represent that. The monument is all polished with a special cut check at the top of the serp top. The back of the monument shows Jimmy’s truck with his dog Blue in the back pulling his pontoon as he would so often to go fishing. The base has a 2” polished margin with the remainder rock pitched. River Edge Granite Company crafted this one of a kind arrowhead monument made from Jet Black granite. The arrowhead is polished on the front with a shell rock border. The back and sides are finished with a rock pitch. The base is polished on the front, back and top with rock pitch on both left and right ends. The front features a name chamfer. This arrowhead monument can be found in Rose Hill Cemetery in Royston, Georgia. This massive 44,000-pound veterans memorial was crafted by MIZE GRANITE SALES, INC. for Southern Monument Company located in Foxworth, Mississippi. Georgia Gray granite was used in the creation of the 15-piece monument. This monument measures 20-feet in length and 12-feet in height and is all steel finished. Southern Monument Company began designing and planning this monument back in the fall of 2019; the design was sent to Mize Granite Sales and the monument was created and shipped. Unfortunately, due to Covid the pieces sat in the warehouse at Southern for almost a year before it could continue to be set. Construction of the pieces in the park took a total of three full days. Dedication of the monument finally took place July 3, 2021. The monument is located on the East side of the Columbia City Park (Friendship Park) on Broad Street in Columbia, Mississippi. “With everything complete, the dedication was held on July 3, 2021 with an estimated 800 in attendance. Southern Monument wishes to thank Mize Granite Sales for their hard work, the members of American Legion Post #90, the City of Columbia, Mayor, City Council and others who had a part in allowing us to honor our Veterans, past, present and future.” - Stacy Nolan, Southern Monument Company Construction of this monument took a total of 3 full days. Starke County, Indiana has a new Veterans Memorial Plaza that was custom-made by KEYSTONE MEMORIALS, INC. The monument sits on the southeast corner of the Starke County Courthouse Square in Knox, Indiana. Keystone was given the honor of working with Wearly Monuments, Inc. located in Muncie, Indiana. Keystone provided roughly 38,105-pounds of Medium Barre granite for the majority of the large-scale curved monument along with two pieces of India Black granite weighing 9,042-pounds that makes up the top center of the arched monument. The main monument consists of eight curved pieces cut in a way that when they were put together, they not only create a smooth effortless curve, they also create a small ledge between the bottom portion and the top. The monument measures a total of 35-ft, 3-in. long and sits at 7-ft. tall. The goal line was set for the plaza memorial to be dedicated on Veterans Day 2020 however that goal was met with the setbacks of Covid ans was pushed to 2021. The Medium Barre granite pieces are each steel finish on all external edges with inside cuts being sawn to align with the adjoining pieces. The names of local war casualties listed under each war are sandblasted on the two Medium Barre granite pieces that flank the India Black center. Along the bottom, is a sandblasted description of the purpose of each war between the Civil War and the Iraq War. Six benches sit in the plaza to allow visitors to sit and rest while contemplating and reflecting on the great sacrifices the servicemen and women from that county made to secure and maintain America’s freedoms. The memorial honors local veterans who have been killed in active duty during and since the Civil War. A pedestal was created and placed toward the back of the plaza paying tribute to Starke County’s only known Medal of Honor recipient, Frank Ono. The pedestal is sandblasted on each side with tributes to Mr. Ono, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 748, along with the County Commissioners, Park Boards and Veterans Plaza Committee. Keystone Memorials did an outstanding job creating the massive veterans plaza. QUALITY MONUMENT SALES, INC. was contracted to craft the granite of this Veterans memorial for Vaughn Monument Works in Cookeville, Tennessee. The circular plaza consists of twelve solid pieces of Quality Blue granite. The pieces were perfectly curved to adjoin together and create the top of the circular wall surrounding the flag pole. Each of the pieces are steel finished on the top with rock pitch on all external edges. The sandblasted names on the pieces represent the names of veterans who have served in the four surrounding counties of the memorial: Pickett, Overton and Fentress Counties in Tennessee and Clinton County in Kentucky. The memorial is located at the Byrdstown Welcoming Center on Hwy. 111 in Byrdstown, Tennessee. Dedication of the memorial took place on November 7, 2020. Once again, Quality Monument Sales has lived up to their name in providing yet another “quality monument”. Great Job! Westin Hilton Head Resort, located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina was the chosen location for Southern Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association for 2021. Members of The Elberton Granite Association joined others in the granite industry to come together and not only discuss business and new techniques, products, and services but to catch up on much lost time. Break out sessions were a big hit where groups and speakers were able to give more personalized instruction and demonstrations. Let’s not forget the value of face to face networking and the benefits of people coming together to bounce ideas and thoughts off other others of like-mind. SCCFA. Tanner Lewis with PORCELAINS UNLIMITED; Jeremy & Stephanie Weaver, Dallas, TX. Victoria Quero, Sarasota, FL; Carrie Guest, STAR GRANITE & BRONZE; Joe Owens, Delaware, OH; Jennifer Willis, STAR GRANITE & BRONZE; Jon & Mary Anne Parham, MATTHEWS GRANITE; and Jackson Madnick, Wayland, MA. Mid-America Monument Builders Association and Southern Monument Builders Association kicked off their first ever joint convention on July 25, 2021. The convention was held at the Choctaw Casino and Resort in Durant, Oklahoma. The event was a great success especially in the wake of all of the Covid events of 2020. It was definitely an indication that people have missed the person-to-person contact and networking with old friends and colleagues. The two groups combined traditions that are typically done at each individual convention such as the Friday tour that MAMBA always hosts and the design contest that SMBA always puts on. The two groups did a spectacular job combining and coming together for their members! It was a great convention, indeed! (Standing left to right) Steve Gillihan, Poplar Bluff, MO; Nicole Tiemann, Clay Center, KS; Robert Whitener, Kennett, MO; Janet Clark, Clay Center, KS; Jeff Owens, Farmington, MO; Josh Bell, Beloit, KS; Susan Gillihan, Poplar Bluff, MO; Joseph Timms, Conway, SC; Becky Cunningham, Farmington, MO; Eldon Roberts, Harrisonville, AR; Melissa Bell, Beloit, KS; Josh Trimble, Clay Center, KS; Ruth Bell, Beloit, KS; Roger Aholt, Washington, MO; John Scott, Beaumont, TX; Houston Gordon, Brookhaven, MS; Steve & Jody Hodge; Beth, Teddy, Brody & Becca Foster, Brookland, AZ; Kevin Laird, Brookhaven, MS; and Brent Holt, KEYSTONE MEMORIALS, INC. (Sitting) Tony Watson, College Station, TX Joe F. Solansky, Gonzales TX; Leslie Turpin, BICKNELL SUPPLY COMPANY; Kathryn Jenkins and Rusty Brenner, Crockett TX. Jonathan Evans PYRAMID MATERIALS and Matt Stewart from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Michael & Connie Pinkston, Henryetta, OK; Roger & Debbie Aholt, Washington, MO; Breanna, Ayden, Michael and Jonathan Evans with PYRAMID MATERIALS. Priscilla Thomas, Houston, TX; Tony Watson, College Station, TX; Sierra Fedock, PORCELAINS UNLIMITED; Kim Schlitzberger-Day, Matthew Davidson, and Maria Schlitzberger-Hall, Houston, TX; J’Nean Lee, College Station, TX and Aubrette Swiontek, PORCELAINS UNLIMITED In Memoriam Dora Ward Dye July 17, 1940 - July 14 2021 Mr. Dora Ward Dye, loving husband, father, grandfather, father-in-law, brother, and friend to many, 80 years of age, of Elberton, GA entered into rest on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, at Elbert Memorial Hospital. Mr. Dye was born in Elberton, GA, on July 17, 1940, the son of the late Floyd Seaborn Dye, Sr. and Ruby Inez Smith Dye. Upon graduation at Elbert County High School, he served in the United States Air Force, stationed at Clovis Air Force Base in Clovis, NM, where he was twice selected for the distinction of Airman of the Month. He was a talented aviation mechanic, specializing on the F-100 Super Sabre fighter jet. With the death of his father, he returned to Elberton, GA to care for his family. He served as a diesel mechanic for Harper Motor Lines and later Brown Transport. He eventually opened his own diesel shop, Dye’s Truck Repair, and maintained EGA membership. Upon his retirement, he was an avid gardener, wood worker, and enjoyed his hobby of reading. He remained close friends with his Air Force buddies and enjoyed their fellowship. He was a long-time member of Falling Creek Baptist Church where he was an active member as long as his health permitted. Homer Coy Turner, Jr. February 20, 1946 - August 6, 2021 With heavy hearts we announce that Mr. Homer Coy Turner, Jr., 75, of Martin Turner Dr., Elberton, GA passed away Friday, August 6, 2021. Mr. Turner was born February 20, 1946 in Elberton, GA to Homer Coy Turner, Sr. and Amy Elizabeth Bond Turner. He was a member of Rock Branch Baptist Church and owner-operator of Turner Granite Interiors, a long-time EGA member-firm. He is survived by his wife of 55 years: Glenda Pierce Turner, son and daughter-in-law: Steven Coy and Didi Turner of Elberton, GA, daughter: Patricia LeAnne Turner of Elberton, GA; grandchildren: Parker and Destiny Williams of Elberton, GA, Fallon and David Simpson of Hartwell, GA, great-grandchildren: Sabel Faye Williams and Wyatt Coye Williams and many loving family members and friends. In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by sisters: Peggy Turner, Gurvis Brown and a great-grandson Nicholas Williams. Did you know? You can search our website for what colors each member carries. Often times a customer may know exactly what color of stone they prefer. The Elberton Granite Association incorporated an easy search option into the egaonline website to allow a person to find out which member-firms carry a particular color. Go to the link below to see how to search EGA Member-Firms by granite color! https://egaonline.com/granite/colors EGA Member Map.
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