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The Stone Industry recognizes granite as one of the hardest of all natural stones.   Elberton Granite has been a stone of choice for public and private memorials as well as countless commercial uses for almost 100 years. In 1969 the Elberton Granite Association contracted with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) to run a blind test on samples of Elberton Granite as well as a few samples from other areas.   The tests were done to determine the physical and mineral properties of Elberton Granite and how it compares with other granites.   The results of these tests have been shared with the industry for decades.

In response to the diversity of products being produced by E.G.A. Member-Firms today that require mineral and structural test date, E.G.A. submitted six samples of granite for testing.   The stone was provided by quarries located from one end of the 35-mile-long deposit to the other.   The samples were identified only by number.   All samples were subjected to five basic ASTM standardized tests.   Those tests included C-97 Ratio of Absorption, C-99 Modules of Rupture, C-170 Compressive Strength, C-241 Abrasion Resistance and C-97 a Bulk Specific gravity.   In addition two of the samples had a complete Petrographic Analysis done to identify all components and their percentage of the total volume.   The samples were also examined by x-ray fluorescence for a chemical analysis.

Test Results

In the petrographic analysis, every element of the stone was identified. Quartz was found to be the major component accounting for 37% of the mineral content and 77% of the volume by chemical analysis.   This exceptionally high quartz content is what makes Elberton Granite so hard. On absorption by weight Elberton Granite tested at 37% after being submerged in water for 48 hours.   This is below the .40 ASTM requirement. Elberton Granite also exceeded the 19,000 Psi, ASTM standard for compressive strength with an average of 23,026 Psi.   Elberton Granite was found to exceed every test of durability like flexural strength and modules of rupture.   All test results were better than the ASTM designated standards.   (See table No. 1)

Consistent Quality

It should come as no surprise that the 2004 reports indicate there is virtually no change from the test results done in 1969.   While 35 years is not old in terms of stone that was formed some 400 million years ago, the new test results do confirm the consistency of Elberton Granite and gives assurance to customers that this stone will perform in any application.

E.G.A.'s Certified Memorial Program is supported by these findings.   The heart of the Certified Memorial Program is the quality of the stone and the results of these recent tests confirm to the Industry the exceptional quality of Elberton Granite.   E.G.A. is pleased to offer a copy of the test results.   Return the coupon below for the mineralogical and physical properties test results of Elberton Granite.

Most importantly, the quality of Elberton Granite has been proven by its use for outstanding memorials throughout the United States and around the world for almost 100 years.   Comparing these test results with those of other granites shows Elberton Granite to be one of the finest materials available for monumental purpose. (See Table No. 2)


Test Results



Absorption by weight, % - 37 C-97 40
Density, lbs/ft 3 - 165.00 C-97 160.00
Compressive strength, psi (Mps) - 23,026 C-170 19,000
Abrasion resistance, hardness - 25.1 C-241 25.1
Flexural strength, psi (MP) - 1,669.83 C-880 1,2000
Modules of rupture, psi - 1,717.38 C-99 1,500

Comparison By Chemical Analysis


Elberton Granite

Other Leading

  2004 1969 Granites
Silica (SiO2) 72.4% 69.83% 69.89%
Alumina (Ai2O) 15.3 16.56 15.08
Iron Sequi-Oxide (Fe2O3) 2.74 1.36 2.50
Lime (CaO) 1.81 1.94 2.07
Magnesia (MgO) .65 .45 .66
Soda (Na2O3) 3.74 4.74 4.73
Potash (K2O) 5.2 5.03 4.29
Loss of ignition 0 .47 .54
  101.84 100.38 99.76


This Display is a Granite Capital landmark showcasing outstanding memorials produced by EGA Members. Located at the busy intersection of North Oliver and Elbert streets, the Display is a unique site attracting widespread attention from local citizens and visitors to the community. It has a special attraction for Monument Industry visitors.

The Display has been maintained by EGA since 1970 as both an exhibit for the Monument Industry's best craftsmanship and also a community relations project. Monuments are changed every six months. The area was a civic eyesore before EGA began utilizing it.