Advertising & Publications

Advertising Materials And Publications For The Retail Memorialist.

The Graniteer Magazine

The Graniteer Magazine, published quarterly by the Elberton Granite Association, features news on the memorial industry with a focus on Elberton firms. Each issue features a complete listing of all firms and has a circulation of approximately 11,000 worldwide.

Read the Graniteer Magazine online.


The Elberton Granite Association offers a variety of brochures, books and other materials to the retail memorialist. For more information on the materials listed below, please contact the E.G.A. and request a copy of the Promotion Materials Catalog.

List of E.G.A. brochures, books and other materials

  • Sample kit of E.G.A.M.A.S. Folders
  • Design Book Catalog
  • E.G.A. Certified Memorial Advertising Kit
  • Radio Commercials Handbook
  • E.G.A. Television Commercials
  • Newspaper Ads for Monument Retailers
  • "Creating Memories" DVD of How Monuments Are Made
  • Suggested Letters for Prospects
  • E.G.A. Loan Notebooks of Designs
  • E.G.A. Sales Training Programs
  • Cleaning Granite Monuments
  • Techniques For Erecting Granite Monuments
  • Cemetery Planning Services
  • Planning Suggestions for the Small Cemetery
  • E.G.A. Color Art Prints