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Advertising Materials And Publications For The Retail Memorialist.

The Graniteer Magazine

The Graniteer Magazine, published quarterly by the Elberton Granite Association, features news on the memorial industry with a focus on Elberton firms. Each issue features a complete listing of all firms and has a circulation of approximately 11,000 worldwide.

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The Elberton Granite Association offers a variety of brochures, books and other materials to the retail memorialist. For more information on the materials listed below, please contact the E.G.A. and request a copy of the Promotion Materials Catalog.

List of E.G.A. brochures, books and other materials available


Cemetery Planning Services

Cleaning Granite Monuments

Design Book Catalogs

E.G.A. Color Art Prints

E.G.A. Sales Training DVD

Georgia Guidestones

MONUMENT BOOKS - Cemetery Features

MONUMENT BOOKS - Downtown Display

MONUMENT BOOKS - Faith Based Monuments

MONUMENT BOOKS - First Responder Monuments

MONUMENT BOOKS - Graniteer Covers

MONUMENT BOOKS - Mausoleums, Columbaria & Niches

MONUMENT BOOKS - Military & War Memorials

MONUMENT BOOKS - Planes, Trains & Auotomobiles

MONUMENT BOOKS - Public Monuments

MONUMENT BOOKS - Sports & Hobbies

Planning Suggestions for the Small Cemetery

Radio Commercials Handbook

Suggested Letters for Prospects

Techniques For Erecting Granite Monuments