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Winter Graniteer 2020 As we come to a close of the 2020 year, my thoughts are mixed about all that has transpired over the last 365 days. The obvious thoughts I have, all center around the fact that we have been in the grips of this pandemic and how it has disrupted our lives. I am sad for the families that have lost love ones and sad for our loved ones who are separated from their families during the holidays. Sad for the businesses that have had to close and for the employees who have lost their jobs. I am also sad for our way of life that been altered, not knowing if it will ever return. Despite a year affected by the pandemic and the sadness it has brought, I am also thankful for the many people and the many things in life that bring happiness. Some of the many people and things I am thankful for: My family and the support they give me all year long. My EGA staff and the outstanding job they do for the members. The EGA Board of Directors and their guidance. The members of the EGA and the work they do creating the finest granite monuments. All of the employees in the granite industry, your work helps make all this possible. The monument retailers throughout the country that do business with the EGA members. The Monument Builders of North America, The Natural Stone Council and all of our other industry partners. Thank you for your support. The MBNA Facebook page, which allows us all to keep up with each other across the country. The Granite Museum and all of the wonderful visitors it attracts each year. Dutchy and the Guidestones, if you have not seen them, you really should. Elberton’s historic downtown square when it is decorated for Christmas. These are just some of the things that I have enjoyed through the year. Even in this year which has been overwhelmed with turmoil and uncertainty, there is still much to be thankful for. I try to focus on that thought as we move out from 2020, and into 2021. I am hopeful that our lives will return to some sort of normal in the new year and that we can get back to building relationships again. Lastly, aside from my family, I am most thankful for the rights and freedoms given to all of us by living in the greatest country on earth. May God bless everyone and may everyone have a safe and prosperous new year. Johnson Machine Shop Manufactured New Diamond Tipped Core Hole Drill JOHNSON MACHINE SHOP is always a bustle of productivity. They never fail at putting out awesome machines to help companies with their productivity. Their latest creation is another model of their previously made diamond tipped core hole drill. The core hole drill is constructed of heavy structural steel. The frame is welded to insure maximum stability and rigidity. This machine differs from its previous models in that it was built with the capability of lifting the drill bit 12-ft. high. This allows the capability of drilling holes in much taller monuments and blocks. The drill is made with a complete water and hydraulic system completely built in. A water supply only needs to be connected to the source for operation. Water is used to minimize the heat and friction that occurs when the drill bit grinds into the hard surface of granite. This machine will hold a drill bit as small as 1-inch and as large as 8-inches. The 15-horsepower spindle motor is equipped with variable speed and pressure to ensure fast and economical and clean operation. Johnson Machine Shop Creates Massive Gantry Saw JOHNSON MACHINE SHOP created this massive gantry saw for a customer of theirs that focuses on countertop fabrication and installation. A hand-held remote control allows the user to operate the saw from a safe distance. The blade of this gantry saw is capable of cutting as deep as 8-inches. The motor features a 20-horsepower motor proving to be an excellent source of strength and power. Johnson Machine Shop never fails in providing an array of machines to assist in the granite industry along with many other industries. These companies have come to rely on the craftsmanship Johnson Machine Shop is known for. Travco Builds New Hand Polishing Machine This hand polishing machine was built by TRAVCO METAL WORKS for a company in Okeechobee, Florida. This machine is a perfect “must have for anyone that may need to refinish or repair a stone without the cost of shipping it to a separate location. This can be a quick order machine and can be produced in a relatively short time due to Travco’s production capabilities. Travco’s hand polisher is unique in that the controls are centralized into one panel atop the polishing arm. It consists of a variable speed drive on the main motor, which allows the exchange of a 5-inch head and a 12-inch head. The 5-inch head is perfect for doing stone edges such as serp tops while the 12-inch head works perfect for the stone facings and flat surfaces. Travco designed this machine in a way that every moving part is made with sealed ball bearings to alleviate the operator’s need to apply grease. This feature extends the life of the machine’s operation. Childs & Childs Installs New Polishing Mill CHILDS AND CHILDS has recently purchased a custom-built WILSON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC, INC., a fellow EGA member. ATEP-80 Automatic Top and End Polisher. This machine will automatically polish the tops of up to 30 monumental stones, and can utilize a variety of polishing pads, bricks, and/or diamond tools. It has a core attachment to core large pieces of granite. The machine can be programmed to run up to 9 different patterns to polish various colors and hardness’s of stone. Up to 8 heads can be programmed and stored in a rack and the machine will automatically change each head. It can polish up to 12-0 x 6-0 in size. The Wilson Industrial Electric designed electromagnetic tool holder incorporates heavy duty universal joints so that curved and serpentine monument tops can be polished, as well as flat surfaces. This machine can also be configured to polish the ends of monuments as well, by tilting the head over 90 degrees from vertical. The Childs and Childs machine is built larger upon request with heavy duty operation in mind. Travco Creates and Installs 5-Ton Overhead Bridge Crane TRAVCO METAL WORKS has been busy at work in the year 2020. They recently created and installed a 5-ton overhead bridge crane in a local Elberton business. The crane is constructed of heavy structural steel and welded to ensure a strong frame structure. This crane was made at Travco’s business on the Calhoun Falls Highway in Elberton, Georgia and transported to the granite business in pieces for installation. Travis Christian, owner and operator of Travco worked tirelessly for several days installing the framework and testing the crane’s operation. The crane can safely lift and move 5-tons of weight which is the same as 10,000-pounds. It is controlled with a radio remote that is programmable for all functions. The crane is driven by variable speed drives for multiple speed options. A great feature to a crane such as this is that it can be built for any application, weight or speed depending on the individual customer’s needs. Keep those Photographs Coming! A few of the monuments that you will read about in this edition of the Graniteer are the result of retailers and others reaching out to the editor of the Graniteer magazine. Photographs were sent along with the member-firm’s name so that the editor could contact the member-firm for more information and permission to print. This is a great way to show off those wonderful works of art that all begin right here in Elberton, Georgia and end up all over this country. It is our hope at the Elberton Granite Association that many more retailers will follow suit so that we can show all the fine examples of what can be done with granite. The Graniteer continues to be a great resource for people to look through for ideas and recognition. 4th Annual Museum Foundation Golf Tournament Successful The 4th Annual Museum Foundation Golf Tournament was October 16, 2020 at Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course in Elberton, Georgia. The weather was beautiful, and the game was on. First Flight - FIRST PLACE Winners! (L-R) David Baston, Kevin Dye, Stacey Drake of Granite Sales & Supply Company and Heath Brady First Flight - SECOND PLACE Winners! (L-R) Sandy Thornton, Shad Tuten, Jim Hulme and Chad Brown of Brownstone Memorials, Inc. First Flight - THIRD PLACE Winners! (L-R) Ben Brubaker, Blake Duncan of Duncan Transport Services and Ed Simon Second Flight - FIRST PLACE Winners! (L-R) Alan Wilder, Michael Hughes, Quinn Floyd of A.Q. Stone Design and Clay Creech Second Flight - SECOND PLACE Winners! (L-R) Brian Fulbright, Chad Herron, Jeremy Denton and Kenny Bradley Second Flight - THIRD PLACE Winners! (L-R) Ed Shaw, Jim McCullough, Billy Bryant of Henry & Henry, Inc. and Martin Daniel The day began with registration and donuts. There were many opportunities to win the various prizes set out for the day from the putting contest to the Hole-In-One Competition, along with longest drive and Closest to Pin. Prizes varied from Costa Sunglasses, an LED Smart Television, Diablo Irons, Drivers, and Plane Tickets all the way to a brand new Mahindra Emax 20S 4x4 Tractor with front loader. The game kicked off at noon and the teams broke off to their holes to enjoy the day of fellowship, laughter and competition. Pizza was served for lunch and an American grill style dinner was served after awards. PLATINUM SPONSOR Duncan Transportation Services, LLC GOLD SPONSORS Granite Sales & Supply Corp. • Total Insurance, Inc. – GA SILVER SPONSORS Air Compressor Sales • A.Q. Stone Design • Bicknell Supply Brownstone Memorials • Central Granite • Henry & Henry Pinnacle Bank • Ron White’s Air Compressor Sales AWARDS CEREMONY & BUFFET SPONSOR Miles Supply of Elberton BEVERAGE CART SPONSOR Georgia Administrative Services PUTTING CONTEST SPONSOR Anchor/IPG Stencil LONGEST DRIVE SPONSOR Swift Currie LUNCH SPONSOR Monument Build CLOSEST TO PIN SPONSOR SafGard Safety Shoes GOLF BALL SPONSOR Foothills Financial Strategies HOLE-IN-ONE SPONSOR Porcelains Unlimited EAGLE PUTT SPONSOR SAS Forks FITBIT DONATED BY SAS Forks CLOSEST TO PIN Chad Brown of Brownstone Memorials CLOSEST TO PIN Heath Brady CLOSEST TO PIN Kevin Dye PUTTING CONTEST Steve Heinen LONGEST DRIVE Cross York STRAIGHTEST DRIVE Martin Daniel SECOND CLOSEST TO PIN Sean Bright SECOND CLOSEST TO PIN Jeremy Denton Curtis Wiles, Kylan Cleveland, Terry Crocker & Carson Gentry om Bergeron, Eddy Higginbotham of Memorial Art, David Anderson & Louis Beri of Bicknell Supply Clay Norman, Cross York, Chandler York & Rusty Burdette Steve Heinen, Chip Strickland, Alan Powell & Chris Kubas of Elberton Granite Association Andrew Kinnard, Matthew Kinnard, Amy Schieffelin & Lew Salmon Ben Baker, Trey McAvoy, Sean Bright & Jake Baker of Matthews International Jason Brady, Ben Emory, Mike Brady & Chad Ankerich Brett Padgett, Larry Bessinger, Slate Crook & Walker Bryant of Miles Supply of Elberton Joe Ray, Tony Collins, Jim Stokes & Jackson McConnell Matthew Pruitt of Elberton Granite Association, Justin Brown & Tanner Lewis of Porcelains Unlimited Donovan Coleman, Travis Hawkins, Bryan Turner & Bill Ferrell Tim Parham, Reid Ferrell, Terry English & Marvin Jinks Design Mart Releases New Arabic Font This October, DESIGN MART, a member of the Elberton Granite Association, announced the release of a new Arabic font for use with Gerber and other applications. The font is a response to increased demand seen in recent years according to Mike Fernandez, owner of Design Mart. Two versions of the font are available with instructions and assistance with installation for Gerber and other applications. The TrueType version is for Corel Draw, Flexi, and other programs that use fonts from the Windows TrueType fonts folder. “Since there are no ABC keyboard equivalents in other languages and our industry uses mostly English keyboards it presents a special challenge”, says Fernandez. Key codes must be used to represent each character rather than English characters such as ABC.” Seen here is the key chart for Gerber users. To type a character with this font simply type the key code shown with each character. Simple instructions provided online and by phone or email. Installation and additional instructions are available by emailing or calling Design Mart. For more information visit , email, or call 1-800-736-7455. Matthews Granite Welcomes New Employees Donna Young Human Resource Business Partner MATTHEWS GRANITE would like to welcome Donna Young, of Elberton, to the Matthews family as a Human Resource Business Partner. Donna began her new career path in September of 2020. She comes to Matthews with more than 14 years of experience in Human Resources. She has a degree in Sales and Marketing from Athens Technical College. Donna is also certified as a process auditor for the manufacturing processes. As the new Human Resources Business Partner, Donna will work as a member of the local leadership team within Matthews Granite to be a support to all Matthews employees. Elberton Granite Association sends a warm welcome to Donna. We know you will strive to be a positive role to the family. Timothy Becton Sr. Continuous Improvement Engineer MATTHEWS GRANITE is pleased to announce that Mr. Tim Becton, of Elberton, has joined Matthews Granite as the Sr. Continuous Improvement Engineer. Tim began his journey with Matthews September of 2020. Tim came with more than 35 years of experience, having served in various other positions. Tim worked for a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Brenau University and is certified Lean Six Sigma Back Belt which makes him a leader in his field. As Sr. Continuous Improvement Engineer, Tim will work closely with the management team to identify and implement Lean policies and lead all divisions of Matthews Granite into a One Matthews company. Tim will be a vital part of Matthews Granite’s vision and EGA would like to welcome Tim and wish him the best of luck in his endeavors. August 22, 2020 MATTHEWS GRANITE held a hiring event in their efforts to fill positions with hard working and dedicated employees. The event was planned by their Operations Manager with help from their Human Resources Representative. Turnout of potential employees was beyond their expectation. Matthews Granite continues to be dedicated to hiring hard-working members of the community to fill the open positions still available. Five Ways to Add Finishing Touches to Granite and Marble Monuments The granite industry is so widespread in the ways that granite and marble has been used. Granite and marble can be used for something so small as a cemetery vase or as large as a building. Both examples have been featured in the Graniteer magazine several times. Stone cutters, sculptors and artisans spend their days chiseling and polishing these beautiful stones until they are formed into their intended purpose. But once that monument is shaped and the surface is finished..... there is a need to “complete” the monument. There are so many ways to finish the monument with marking the verbiage or photographs that are required. There are different paints that can be adhered and different forms of each option that completely change the outcome. For instance, one can use lithochrome or gold leaf paint can be used on sandblasting, both giving a completely different effect. Lithochrome and acrylic paint can be used in etching. and the two options completely change the outcome. For the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on the five most popular options, sandblasting, photo blasting, etching, bronze, GLASS Art® and Porcelains. These services are all offered by different members of the Elberton Granite Association. This article will briefly explain the process, purpose and different options of each of these. In future editions throughout 2021, The Graniteer will go more in depth of the different options of a few of these finishing touches. Every voting member-firm of the Elberton Granite Association are capable of offering each of these services for your monuments either through their own warehouse operations or via a member-firm that focuses on that one service and all of its options. Whether the monument is a public, or war monument and whether it is personal or public... these services give the finishing touches to make it just what it is needed to be. There is an abundance of options that are readily available when it comes to personalizing the many monuments that come from EGA Member-Firms. Let’s take a few minutes and look at a few options that our members can offer. Let’s begin with looking at the art of sandblasting. It is the most popular form of service done on granite monuments due to its long-lasting life and its ability to contrast any color of granite. So many varieties of sandblasting can be offered that it covers any style. Sandblasting has come a very long way with the technologies available in today’s world. Sandblasting can be used in so many different ways. It can be done using an enclosed sandblasting room or it can be done on site in the cemetery, without the use of a room depending on the need. The depth of the sandblasting gives a different effect such as skin sunk or frosting and v-line, groove or u-sunk. No longer does a stone just have sandblasted letters inscribing one’s name and important dates. Sandblasting can be used to shape carve images such as roses or praying hands. It can also be used to depict one’s passion such as an outlined drawing of a truck or train. Later in this Graniteer there is even a monument depicting a line art drawing of a man’s portrait. Sandblasting is a perfect solution for use with any color of stone. It can be left bare or lithochrome paint can be used to assist the service in standing out. Sandblasting is a very long-lasting service that will never need to be reblasted. Etching is a great way of personalizing a stone. This allows the stone to display parts of a person’s life that was important to them such as a farm that they worked on in their life or a photograph of a person. The possibilities are endless. The possibilities are endless in what can be created and etched directly into the surface of the granite. This can be done by hand etching, impact etching and laser etching. Etching is limited to darker tones of granite and limited to the smallest grain in granite. Black granite offers the best outcome. Etching is accomplished by scratching or burning the surface of the granite to create the scene, image or photograph desired. (Stay tuned, in a future article, we will cover the differences between the three etching options that are currently available.) Etching can also be used for verbiage. In some cases, words are wanted to be smaller than one would want to sandblast. Etching allows smaller text, such as what would be used in war memorials and such. Color painted images can be accomplished on granite as well. Artist prefer to paint the hand etched images along with the impact images for best results. Another wonderful option for a finishing touch to every style of monument is bronze. Bronze is used on war monuments, personal memorials, public monuments, signage, vases and many other forms as well. It is a great addition to any monument. Bronze is made by heating primarily tin and copper and mixing them together. As the two metals melt, they are combined in liquid form and poured into a mold and allowed to cool. Bronze can be made to be a statue or sculpture that sits atop a granite or marble monument. It can be made to be a plaque that is actually embedded into a recessed area of the monument or attached to the external surface of the monument. Bronze has a long life in the elements of weather. It may at times require a polish to keep the metal shiny and healthy. Artisans have turned to bronze for their work since before the 4th millennium linking back to the bell of a navy ship. Bronze markers can be ordered and personalized in borders, fonts, artwork and color. The bronze accentuates the many different colors and varieties of granite and marble superbly. GLASS Art® is the patented process that can intricately etch any type of granite with vividly detailed long lasting images. Originally developed for Georgia granite, it lessened the need for imported stone to incorporate pictures on granite memorials. GLASS Art® can be utilized on any granite, offering new exciting options of personalizing memorials, signage, public art and architectural applications with long lasting colorful imaging. Granite produces the world’s most durable canvas, and our world is driven by color. GLASS Art® has opened possibilities that never existed before. The process has been independently tested and many real-world examples are approaching 20 years old and still appearing as vivid they did when originally created. GLASS Art® is created by melting stone into a vitrified state, then “tattooing” inert pigments within the stone itself and finally sealing the surface with a glassy sealer. The clarity of the process is breathtaking! Absolute customer satisfaction is the goal. The monuments will be admired and cherished for decades to come! Porcelains is a very popular option in putting the finishing touches on a monument whether it be a personal memorial, a war or public memorial. It can also be used for architectural finishing. Porcelains have come a long way in the past several years. Porcelains once referred to an oval photograph that would be inserted into a recessed panel on a monument. The day of the small oval photo has grown into large panels and varieties of shapes and sizes. Porcelains can be made now to be the focal point of a monument with a collage of photographs. It can also be cut to fit the shape of the stone. It has opened a wide array of ways to memorialize a loved one on their monument. It offers a bright and vivid image that is typically guaranteed to last hundreds of years. Porcelains typically have a fast turnaround time. They can usually be produced in 8-10 workdays. The images for porcelains are taken from an emailed or mailed photograph from the customer, ensuring that the end result is a beautiful rendition of the original. Editing of the original photograph can be done as well to brighten and color correct as needed. Travco Celebrates a Milestone Anniversary, 10 Years In Business Ten years ago, TRAVCO METAL WORKS began its operation. In December of 2010, Travis Christian, co-owner and operator, began his journey taking odd jobs and working out of his truck. His list of hardware was limited to a ladder, grease gun and a small set of tools. But he was determined. Travis and his wife Mendy Christian set off on a path that would establish a fine business servicing the granite industry along with businesses that focus in other areas as well. Travis has worked on everything from creating brand new machinery and remaking broken parts for existing machinery along with time spent in maintenance and repair to existing machines. Through word of mouth, Travco has become a full-time business with a fully functioning 45’ x 180’ building to work from. In the past ten years Travco has maintained many major corporate contracts along with maintaining his local customers here in the Elbert County area. Travco has become a company that the granite industry trusts and depends upon. Congratulations for ten successful years and we are looking forward to watching how far you grow in the next ten. “Word of mouth made this company what it is ten years later” stated Travis Christian Co-Owner and Operator of Travco Metal Works. The word “impressive” does not even begin to describe this magnificent granite work of art. STAR GRANITE & BRONZE, a division of MATTHEWS GRANITE created this masterful walk-through family mausoleum estate. It is part of Star Granite’s Legacy Estates Collection as the Colonnade design. The estate can be found in the Arlington Memorial Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Star Granite & Bronze worked endlessly providing and manufacturing all of the granite seen including the landscaping features and pavers. The main mausoleum is the center focus of the estate and features several personalized elements and details. The noble lions sitting outside of the steps were hand carved with intricate detailing from the facial features to the luxurious mane. Just beyond the hand carved lions, and repeated in the back courtyard, are 24” x 24” monogrammed tiles that sit inside the step ways. They are set within 12” x 12” tiles. Inside the main mausoleum lies a custom hand-cut compass medallion in the floor of the mausoleum that contrasts the Sterling Gray granite with Jet Black and Dakota Mahogany granite. Another great personal feature is the dual bas relief carvings in the pediment of the gable roof that allows the family to display their personality as a whole. The granite columns that stand in the front and back represent the family’s three Notermann children. The children are the cornerstone of the family and the Notermann family’s most proud achievements, giving this estate even more of a personal touch. The columns are Tuscan style which comes from the classical Roman order. The Tuscan column resembles the Doric style but has a smooth finish as opposed to the fluted lines. The columns along with the rounded planters were all turned using Star Granite’s 5-Axis Saw at their location in Elberton, Georgia. The main mausoleum will hold eight loved ones’ crypts while the walk-up mausoleum that sits in the back courtyard was made to hold four crypts. Also, in the back courtyard sits four benches that hold four niches each for cremains for a total of sixteen. This estate was well planned and thought out to ensure that there is room for the growing family. Numerous truckloads of dimension stone were used in the pavers along with the granite curbing at the parking spaces and the granite used to clad the exposed concrete foundations on the walls. DIXIE GRANITE COMPANY fabricated this wonderfully crafted upright memorial for M & M Mont located in Louisville, Kentucky. The monument is cut from Jet Black granite and features a cutout cross and beveled chamfers along the top edge leading to a flat top. The monument is all polished along with the subbase. The base features a polished 2-inch margin with rock pitch along the edges. This monument certainly stands out among the rest. This monument can be found in Green Meadows Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. KEYSTONE MEMORIALS, INC. took a block of St. Albans Pink granite and masterfully used a variety of finishes to create the Dooner family monument for Maumee Valley Memorial in Waterville, Ohio. The monument consists of two tablets uniquely shaped with thermal finishes on each. Thermal finish is done when the granite is heated under an intense flame causing the individual grains in the stone to burst and change color, creating a rough, textured surface with a natural faded appearance. The pedestal portion of the monument is all polished with notches cut from it to allow the tablets to fit securely inside them. The base features a steeled finish leaving the edges with a rock pitched. This monument is a testament to the wonderful things that can be done with granite. GLASS ART and HILLCREST GRANITE COMPANY collaborated together to create this stunning full color slant that personalizes the life of Mr. & Mrs. deRosset for OM Stones in Hillsboro, Oregon. This monument was created with Hillcrest Blue granite. The slant features a polished face with a rock pitched nose. The edges and the top are rock pitched as well. Glass Art added such colorful detail to memorialize the lives. The depth and detail in the sunset and along with the trees and water are impeccable and will last for decades to come. This monument can be found in Yamhill Pioneer Cemetery in Yamhill, Oregon. Sometimes things in life are not always cut and dry or black and white. This monument is a perfect example of how in this industry.... thinking outside the box can come in extremely handy. The monument was crafted by CENTRAL GRANITE COMPANY for Iowa Memorial Granite in Muscatine, Iowa. The husband passed at an early age, leaving the wife with much life yet to live. Mr. Ditmars was buried with his veteran bronze plaque as he was very proud of his service. Later in life, the wife began to question how she would incorporate herself with her husband once her time came. A design was created and sent to Central Granite to become a reality. The monument was cut as a standard serp top with one minor adjustment. It was cut so that the serp top served as a bridge with the bronze being placed under it and on top of the base. This allows Mrs. Ditmars to incorporate her cremains atop of her husband and include her information along with her husband’s nickname onto the memorial. This memorial can be found in Oakridge Cemetery in West Liberty, Iowa. Central Granite and Iowa Memorial Granite worked together superbly as a team to accomplish Mrs. Ditmars every desire for their memorial. Great Job! KEYSTONE MEMORIALS, INC. created this beautiful Keystone Green memorial for Campbell Monuments Company in Provencal, Louisiana. The monument is located in the American Cemetery in Natchitoches Parish in Louisiana. It is polished on all five sides of the tablet. A photograph of Mr. Murchison was turned into line art and sandblasted on the left side of the memorial, adding just the right personal touch. The base has a 2” polished margin with rock pitching along the edges. A polished turned vase sits on either side of the monument. PYRAMID MATERIALS, INC. crafted this beautiful monument from Pyramid Blue granite for Foster’s Monument Company in Brookland, Arkansas. Pyramid Materials solicited the help of fellow EGA member-firm, KING’S MONUMENT COMPANY to do the cutout of the space that holds the cross. King’s Monument Company used their contour saw to complete the task. The tablet, cross, wings and tapered vases are all polished 2 with rock pitch along the outside edges. The base is polished on the top with rock pitch edges. This monument can be found in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Jonesboro, Arkansas. DIXIE GRANITE COMPANY has been known many times over to create the “outside the box” monuments that perfectly relay the personality of departed family and loved ones. This spectacularly unique monument is a perfect example. Dixie worked with M & M Mont located in Louisville, Kentucky. This monument features not only a unique shape but also a teardrop cutout and starburst design with painted sandblasted butterflies and roses. A kerf is sandblasted on the front and the back to accent the flow of the sandblasted and carved elements. The monument has polished? finish along the front and back with a steel? finish along the top and one side. The base has a 2-inch polished top with rock pitch along the edges. Dixie did a phenomenal job creating this memorial. This monument is located in Green Meadows Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. EAGLE GRANITE COMPANY created this side-by-side double crypt mausoleum for Columbus Marble Works in Columbus, Mississippi. This beautiful mausoleum was completely fabricated from Silver Cloud, including the granite floor. Blue Ridge granite was used for the base, while Jet Black granite was used for the doors. A prominent attribute making this mausoleum striking is the beautiful round fluted columns nestled between top and bottom column caps and flanking both sides of the doors. The mausoleum, made from Silver Cloud, is all polished on the external surfaces while the base, made from Blue Ridge granite is polished on the top with rock pitch on all external edges. The family name is prominently sandblasted on the front and back of the gable topped roof. Eagle Granite Company never fails to create masterful monuments and mausoleums as they focus on detail and quality in all they do. RIVER EDGE GRANITE COMPANY can always be trusted to produce phenomenal granite memorials and monuments. This beautiful full round draped cross memorial was produced for M&R Granite in Spartanburg, South Carolina. River Edge, Sculptor AC Button, II and M&R Granite worked together to make this beautiful monument a reality. Sculptor AC Button, from South Carolina worked tirelessly ensuring the sculpting and detail work were top notch. This memorial is a perfect representation of hand-crafted art and represents a life well lived. The cross stands 3 feet tall and sits atop a base that stands one foot tall, making it an impressive focus of the surrounding area. Clint sculpted the cross and the draped cloth by hand. The bevel on the base as well as the raised United States Marine Corps logo was also sculpted by hand by Clint. The top of the base is polished with rock pitch edges. They did a great job working together on this project. Sculptor Clint Button stated “River Edge is fantastic to work with, so is their stone. Always top notch and never any doubts, which is very important for me to do this work with total confidence.” This beautifully ornate designed monument was made by DIXIE GRANITE COMPANY for Lord & Stephens located in Athens, Georgia. The monument is made from Silver Cloud granite and is accented with a sculpted church made from marble and recessed into the memorial. Shape-carved accents were sandblasted into each side of the front of the all-polished monument with the family name sandblasted directly under the marble church. Beautifully polished turned vases sits on each side of the monument. The subbase and the base are all polished, completing the monument perfectly. This single vault wrap was created by SOUTHERN MAUSOLEUMS, A division of KEYSTONE MEMORIALS for Hope Haven Marble & Granite in Gonzales, Louisiana. It was fabricated out of Keystone Green granite and has all polished external edges. There are several unique features in this unit. Sitting atop the mausoleum is a headstone, vase and block to hold the red eternal flame. The headstone is all polished with double processed shape carved sandblasting. The vase displays double processed flat carved praying hands while the base and the block are shallow sunk. This single vault wrap is beyond beautiful and something the family can cherish as they visit their loved one. Southern Mausoleum can always be trusted with the highest of quality. EAGLE GRANITE COMPANY is known for their dedication to quality and their ability to master difficult tasks. This monument was made for Birkmeier Monument Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Eagle used their contour wire saw to create the cross from Jet Black granite. Sandblasting was done on the front and back of the cross. They then used the contour wire saw to cut the exact shape of the cross out of the silver cloud tablet. The cross was then place into the tablet prior to shipping. The tablet and base are made from Silver Cloud granite and is all polished. Lettering was done on both front and back of the tablet. This monument is a fine example of Eagle’s exceptional work. L&M GRANITE COMPANY created this unique monument. The memorial features an etched vision depicting Jesus’ return of Mr. Bill Stoll prior to his passing. After he passed a good friend of Mr. Stoll’s was inspired to have the monument made and placed as a centerpiece at Stoll Industries in Abbeville, South Carolina. The monument was unveiled at the dedication of Stoll Industries’ new office in 2017. This Jet Black monument has a polished front while the back is a rounded boulder style with rock pitch. The base is made from True Blue granite and has a polished top with rock pitched edges. L&M Granite can always be trusted to produce unique one-of-a-kind creations that exude creativity and quality. “Doug Evans picked L&M Granite from Elberton, Georgia as the source for the monument, due to their extensive history in custom sculpting, as well as attention to detail.” stated Jonathan Stoll This stunning sign was created by KEYSTONE MEMORIALS, INC. for Brown Memorials in Florence, South Carolina. The sign sits in the middle of downtown Florence at one of the busiest intersections. It was installed in front of the old Post Office and Courthouse that was recently purchased by Francis Marion University to expand their healthcare campus downtown. Brown Memorials designed the sign and sent it to Keystone for its creation. The sign features steel finish on the front and back with the edges rock pitched. This Dixie Blue granite sign was crafted by DIXIE GRANITE COMPANY. The granite sign is located in Winterville, Georgia. The sign features a steel finish on front and back of the main piece with rock pitching along the sides and top. The two pedestal blocks are all steeled. The subbase and the base have a steel finish on the top with rock pitch on all sides. BASTON MONUMENTS, INC. was given the honor of creating the beautiful block foundation for the memorial “The Pledge”, funded by Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation, Inc. The block is made with Jet Black granite along with the base that it sits atop. The cap features a scotia around all four sides offering a seamless transition into the clean and sharp lines of the straight edges of the block foundation. The base mirrors the smooth lines of the block pedestal. All external edges are polished. The front is adorned with white litho painted into the sandblasted wording. KEYSTONE MEMORIALS, INC. set about the task of creating this remarkable memorial to honor the Buffalo Soldier Infantry Regiments for Columbus Monument Company located in Columbus, Georgia. The monument is located on Fort Benning in Georgia. The Twenty-fifth United States Infantry Regiment was a unit of the United States Army known as Buffalo Soldiers. The 25th served from 1866 to 1957, seeing action in the American Indian Wars, Spanish American War, Philippine–American War and World War II. The highly detailed etching of a 5-ft, 7-inch soldier along with the two-color emblems above him were etched by JENSON ETCHING. Jenson also etched a photograph of soldiers on bicycles on one of the bevel monuments that sits to the right side of the Buffalo Soldier monument. Keystone Memorials sandblasted the verbiage on the center monument along with both bevel monuments. The explanation of the photograph of the soldiers riding bicycles is sandblasted on the bevel displaying that photograph, while a Medal of Honor and a list of Medal of Honor recipients is sandblasted on the other. The center monument and the bevels were created using Galaxy Jet Black granite. It is useful in many different applications including interior and exterior purposes. The dark color is a perfect contrast for sandblasting as well as etching. The center monument is polished to a shine on both front and back leaving the sides and top with the rough texture of rock pitch. The two bevels are polished on the front, back and top leaving the two sides with rock pitch to match the center. Keystone Memorials is a great company for all types of monuments. They excel with personal, public and war memorials. Many of their war memorials can be found on military bases throughout the United States. Russell “Dean” Guest October 25, 1947 - September 28, 2020 Mr. Russell ‘Dean’ Guest, 72, of Elberton, died on Monday, September 28, 2020, at his residence. Dean was born in Royston on October 25, 1947, son of the late Dewey Clifton Guest and Mary Claire Kelly Guest. He was a 1965 graduate of Elbert County High School and worked in the granite industry for the majority of his life, having owned and operated both D&J Trucking and Stone Creek Granite. Russell was a member of the Elberton Granite Association through Stone Creek Granite. Dean attended Deep Creek Baptist Church and enjoyed dirt track racing in his younger years. Survivors include his wife, Peggy Moorhead Guest and daughters and their spouses: Deanna and Charlie Wang and Jessica and Patrick Beri. Dean’s proudest title was being “Pops” to five grandchildren that he absolutely adored: Addison, Lucas, Anderson, Emryn, and Ella Claire. He is also survived by his sister, Sandra Jenkins and her husband David. William Lanier Oglesby March 1, 1942 - November 24, 2020 Mr. William Lanier Oglesby, better known as “Boots,” passed away peacefully at Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, with his daughter by his side. He was a lifelong resident of Elberton and was 78 years old. Boots was born in Elberton on March 1, 1942, son of the late Joe and Lucille Helen Moon Oglesby. After high school, he served in the U.S. Army. He was a former member of Elberton Granite Association and was the owner of Oglesby Granite Sales and B & B Quarries. Boots never met a stranger and always had a smile on his face and a “thumbs up.” He loved his family, friends, and pets fiercely. He was truly one of a kind. He is survived by his children: Amanda (Frank) Casey of Macon, Paula Armstrong of Elberton, and Ben Oglesby of Elberton; grandchildren: Christa Cobo, BJ (Britney) Oglesby, Patrick Armstrong, Zachary Armstrong, Lauren Casey, Peyton Oglesby, and Megan Casey; great grandchildren: Ason Grimes and Avery Oglesby; brother, Jerry (Beth) Oglesby; sister-in-law, Helen Oglesby and numerous nieces and nephews. In addition to his parents, he is preceded in death by his loving wife of 53 years, Beverly Carole Albertson Oglesby; and his siblings: Wayne Oglesby and Jean (Pete) Smith. James Manson Thomason April 23, 1933 - November 21, 2020 Mr. James Manson Thomason, 87, of Elberton, passed away on November 21, 2020 at Athens Piedmont Hospital. The son of the late Harley Milton Thomason and Alice Darnell Thomason, Mr. Thomason was born in Jasper, Georgia, but moved to Elberton with his parents at a young age. He was a 1950 graduate of Elberton High School and attended Emory at Oxford College until he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He was a proud veteran serving as a medic on the battlefields of Korea, and later as a physician’s assistant aboard the USS Consolation. Mr. Thomason, along with his brother, owned and operated the Elberton Chevron and the Phillips 66 Service Station. Later, Mr. Thomason worked in the granite industry and was owner of Elberton Granite Finishing, a former member of the Elberton Granite Association. He also was a founding member of Goss Baptist Church, where he faithfully worshiped until his health declined. Having a strong passion for assembling with other believers each week, he began to look for a fellowship closer to his home and attended Believer’s Baptist as well as Calvary Baptist. Upon his retirement to Petersburg Towers, Mr. Thomason enjoyed spending time with his friends, watching the Atlanta Braves, and listening to Gospel music. Mr. Thomason was preceded in death by his wife of 59 years, Mrs. Barbara Rousey Thomason; a daughter, Beth Thomason Lakis; and 2 sisters, Dee Rousey and Judy Dickerson Bridges. Survivors include: his daughter, Margie Thomason Milner; a brother, Harley Thomason; Son-in-law, Dave Lakis; Grandchildren Emily Milner (Troy) Smith, Mark Milner, Hannah Lakis (Nathan) Block, and Meredith Lakis; 3 Great-grandchildren Brennyn, Cade, and Holden Smith; brother-in-law, Henry (Barb) Rousey; Sister-in-law, Susan Sexton; and a number of beloved nieces, nephews, and extended family.
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