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Spring 2020 hank you for the success It was certainly wonderful seeing all of our friends and colleagues in Athens for the MB University 2020 show, this last February. The EGA along with its members definitely consider the show a success, and we hope all those that attended from around the country did as well. Too often, we see our industry shows with attendance numbers dwindling. On the retail side, retailers would like to have more manufacturers present at the shows, thus giving them a larger base to buy from. On the manufacturing side, the suppliers would like to see more and new retailers present, thus giving them a larger potential base to sell their products. I will say that at this show, there was an amazing response from both sides that helped fill this show to capacity! From the retailers we heard comments about all the manufacturers they knew existed but had never met. From the manufacturers, we heard comments about all of the potential customers they were able to speak with. What does all of this tell us? It tells us that our industry trade shows are still relevant, and that you can’t beat face-to-face communication. Even through these trying times of self-distancing, we need to remember that when this subsides and life returns to normal, we need to foster those personal face-to-face relationships that make our industry so strong. As we move towards a more digital world, our ability to conduct business has become quicker and more efficient. However, we don’t want to lose sight of what drives our business, and that is the relationships between the retailer and the manufacturer. The best place to develop those relationships is not through some social media platform, but at one of the many industry trade shows held throughout our country each year. Over two years in the planning stage, we were very thankful that we were able to make the show a reality and bring it all together. However, making the 2020 Athens show a reality would not have been possible without a lot of help and support from a lot of people. First, I would like to thank my staff at the EGA. They were the boots on the ground, helping to coordinate everything here in Elberton and Athens. The EGA Board of Trustees listened to us and supported our idea of bringing the show to Athens. The MBNA Board of Trustees gave the opportunity to co-host the show, and then they supported us throughout the entire process. The MBNA and its staff worked with us hand-in-hand to plan all the aspects of this show. I have to admit, that we did not know the entire behind the scenes work that goes into planning a show of this size, so we would have missed many things along the way without their guidance. In addition, all of the EGA members and vendors who filled the display hall, and all of the retailers who traveled from around the country to be a part of the show, we thank you. Take care, be safe and stay well. MBUniversity Held in Athens, Georgia The Monument Builders of North America brought their 2020 MBUniversity Conference to Athens, Georgia. The Elberton Granite Association’s Member-Firms decided to take advantage of the educational-focused event being held right in “The Granite Capital of the World’s” back yard, so to speak. Months ahead of the conference date, member-firms began planning their participation in not only the conference but also the long-awaited EGA day. Members and The Association’s staff bustled with preparations as time got closer and closer. Several member-firms participated in educational displays set up while other firms supplied man-power and materials or helped set-up and tear down the event planned at the Elbert County Fairgrounds along with trips and tours at the quarry owned by Pyramid Materials and Star Granite & Bronze. Attendees from the conference came via five different buses from Athens, Georgia all the way to Elberton to participate in this educational event even though the day was cold and wet. Participants were split into three groups that rotated throughout the day between the displays set up at the Elbert County Fairgrounds, Pyramid Materials, & Star Granite & Bronze. The visit to Pyramid Materials proved quite impressive as the visitors were permitted to view the depths of the quarry via a brand new platform built by the EGA for observation tours. Those enjoying the view from the platform saw how the quarry workers operated within the quarry and the work involved in each aspect of separating the granite blocks from their home within the Earth’s surface. They discussed the masterful work of the crane operators as they lifted the blocks from the quarry to the topside to be processed for delivery to the granite manufacturing plants. After this, visitors were given hands-on demonstrations on how holes are drilled into the block using a plug drill before inserting stone splitting wedges and shims. Once inserted into the hole, the wedges and shims were hit and hammered in until the rock cracked and split. Participants stepped up to the plate to operate the pneumatic drill and felt the pressure required to penetrate the dense granite. It is a great experience when one can have fun learning how things are done and still walk away with an appreciation of the hard work and dedication required to do a job day in and day out. The next stop was at Star Granite & Bronze. This member-firm offered a full tour of their processing plant. They set up their demonstration as though the group was following a block that had just been delivered from the quarry and set to be processed. They saw how the block was sawn into slabs and that slab was sent on to be polished or cut into the shape and size of monument ordered. They saw how men and women stand over a table and set rock pitched areas and how they hand polish the pieces that need it. As the group traveled along the tour, they witnessed an all-axis carving machine as it carved the fluting into a turned granite column. One group watched as the machine paused to automatically change out its own blade before returning to the column and continuing the job it was programmed to do. While one group was at Pyramid Materials’ quarry and one was at Star Granite & Bronze, the third group was rotating stations set up at the Elbert County Fairgrounds. Several member-firms set up shop for the day and had demonstrations of different aspects of the granite world. Greg Ruff and his team from River Edge brought over several monuments and stones to demonstrate setting techniques of large and small monuments along with coping. They also demonstrated different methods of strapping the monument and the use of a clamp when using a boom truck to lift a monument. Baston Monuments & Bicknell Supply demonstrated spot polishing, while Mart Clamp showed onlookers the different do’s and don’ts of monument cleaning. Clint Button set up shop for the day at the fairgrounds to demonstrate different sculpting techniques. Another big hit of the day was Jeremy Strong with Matthews Granite demonstrating letter repair of sandblasted monuments. Granite Sales & Supply, Miles Supply & Bicknell Supply were all set up to demonstrate products and services. They answered questions and brainstormed different options with the visitors. While one was demonstrating graffiti removal, another demonstrated spot polishing. The third demonstrated ways to re-litho a monument. Each one with a lesson to give, but each working together for a common goal, to help bring knowledge and ability to the granite industry. The great thing about the hard working men and women of Elberton, Georgia, and especially the members of the Elberton Granite Association, is the comradery friendships and team mentality that they each seem to adopt. Companies that would appear to others looking in as competitors, stand up next to each other and work alongside each other to reach a common goal together. The EGA is always so proud of this unique thing that is always present amongst its members. The members seem to always look to the greater good for the granite industry and step up to the plate to help and team up whenever and where ever they can. Yes, this industry is most unique and most special. THE ELBERTON GRANITE ASSOCIATION WOULD LIKE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE MANY MEMBER-FIRMS THAT STEPPED UP TO ASSIST AND/OR OFFER DEMONSTRATIONS TO HELP MAKE THE EGA DAY THE SUCCESS THAT IT WAS. Attendees completed their day in Elberton with a group photo at the Georgia Guidestones. Linda Morris, Granite, Oklahoma tries her hand with the Attendees pose on EGA’s new quarry platform Pyramid Stone Star Granite & Bronze demonstrating new wire saw technology Star Granite & Bronze demonstrating new wire saw technology Greg Ruff from River Edge demonstrated setting coping correctly Star Granite employee demonstrated the art of hand polishing Jeremy Strong from Matthews Granite demonstrating letter repair Stacey Mattox with Pyramid Stone demonstrating how wedges and All Axis Carving Machine cutting fluting into a turned granite Baston Monuments helping to load up at the end of the day Attendees gather after breakfast to be split into groups of three for the day ahead Clint Button shows a group sculpting techniques River Edge Granite instructing on the process of setting large monuments Stacey Drake with Granite Sales & Supply show the benefits to Monumask when re-litho is required on a monument Mart Clamp showing cleaning techniques & product demonstrations Miles Supply showing graffiti removal & product demonstrations True southern style lunch was served of BBQ, beans, slaw, chips, banana pudding & sweet tea Chris Kubas, EVP of EGA, warmly welcomes everyone to Elberton Stacey Mattox shows a group of attendees the techniques of using a plug drill EGA provided breakfast from Chick-Fil-A Childs & Childs Granite Company recently found the need to incorporate an updated sandblast system and reached out to fellow EGA member-firm, Miles Supply of Elberton. Miles Supply spent time back in 2018 updating their SandHandler sandblasting and abrasive recovery system. The SandHandler is an exclusive, Miles Supply product. With this 15-foot system, Childs & Childs Granite Company’s team can sandblast between 4 to 5 stones at one time, depending on the size of the stone, without the need to change anything over or stop to unclog any nozzles. Up to eight patterns can be programmed at once. The system is set up to be simple with an automatic and a manual capability. This means the team can set the stone up using the computer controlled touch screen control panel and walk away without worry. There are eight patterns that are completely independent of each other and can do frosted panels evenly. The chamber is built with double walled steel construction and lined with the rubber interior walls for a totally enclosed and sealed environment. This eliminates abrasive loss, dust outside the booth and stops moisture from getting inside the booth. This allows for a quieter work area to protect the employees that run the machine. Included in the SandHandler is the automatic abrasive pick up unit. This unit saves time and manpower in recovering the sand for reuse without the need to shovel it. This new machine is the perfect addition to the Childs & Childs production as it speeds up the amount of stones that can be processed daily and limits employees needing to manually sandblast each stone. EGA Member Firm, A.Q. Stone Design Named Elberton’s Business of the Month A.Q. Stone Design was honored by the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Month award. Shown above left to right is Bill Brown, Leslie Friedman, Quinn Floyd, Tracie York, Al McCall and Mat Hunt. EGA is always proud of its member-firms and we would like to congratulate Quinn for his hard work and dedication. Photo provided by The Elberton Star Johnson Machine Shop Built Coring Machine For Fellow EGA Member, Baston Monuments Johnson Machine Shop can always be depended on to come up with machines, saws and drills to assist the granite industry. Their most recent machine to be built is this heavy duty diamond coring drill built for fellow EGA Member, Baston Monuments. Johnson’s special diamond coring machine is constructed of heavy structural steel. The frame is welded to insure maximum stability and rigidity. The machine may be controlled as desired by the operator. Amp meter reads out to assure regulated pressure on material. Complete water and hydraulic systems are built into the core drill and only need to be connected to the source. This machine is built to allow an additional 36-inches of height for coring of taller material. A two cart system is used with flange bearings. The machine is equipped with a wireless remote that allows the drill to raise and lower and adjust the variable speed. All of the electrical and hydraulics are located for operator’s convenience with built-in controls. Variable pressure assures fast, economical and clean operation. Fall 2020 Keynote Speaker & Week-Long Mentor: Troy Caldwell, Certified Memorialist of Caldwell Monuments in Kokomo, Indiana Cost $300 Per Person Limit 2 people per company. Participants must be sponsored by one of our members. Lunch provided throughout the course. BE SURE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT EARLY, ONLY 20 SEATS AVAILABLE! This course is designed for those who are new to the business and are looking for the best advice, tips and tricks from the experts. It will give you all the information you need to get your business started in the right direction, and to help you increase your productivity and sales. Cost: $300 Per Person. Limit 2 people per company and participants must be sponsored by one of our member-firms. Lunch will be provided throughout the course. Visit for more information or contact Matthew Pruitt at 706-283-2551 or It’s time again for EGA to begin preparing for the Annual Museum Foundation Golf Tournament. SPONSORSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE! Hole-In-One Contest • Closest To Pin • Longest Drive • Putting Contest Awards Ceremony & Buffet Sponsor • Platinum, Gold & Silver Sponsors Hole Sponsors • Gift Bag Sponsors 4th Annual Granite Museum Foundation Golf Tournament All proceeds of the Elberton Granite Association’s Annual Golf Tournament are used to benefit the renovation and upkeep of the Elberton Granite Museum. More details to come this summer. Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course 2020 SPONSORSHIP FORM There are several ways for your organization to be part of this unique event. Awards Ceremony & Buffet Sponsor- $1500 (1 Available, First Come-First Serve) 4 Man Team Name on Event Flyer & Event Website Signage & Recognition at Ceremony 10x10 Tent/Canopy area at Clubhouse if desired. Giveaway items, literature, etc. may be distributed from any tent area (Canopy Not Provided) Platinum Sponsor - $1,500 4 Man Team Name on Event Flyer & Event Website Signage on Holes 1, 10, 18, Driving Range, & Putting Green 10x10 Tent/Canopy area on course if desired. Giveaway items, literature, etc. may be distributed from any tent area (Canopy Not Provided) Gold Sponsor- $1,000 4 Man Team Name on Event Flyer & Event Website Signage on Holes 2 and 11 10x10 Tent/Canopy area on course if desired. Giveaway items, literature, etc. may be distributed from any tent area (Canopy Not Provided) Beverage Cart- $800 4 Man Team Signage at Beverage Cart Name on Event Flyer & Event Website Signage & Recognition at Ceremony 10x10 Tent/Canopy area at Clubhouse if desired. Giveaway items, literature, etc. may be distributed from any tent area (Canopy Not Provided) Silver Sponsor- $500 4 Man Team Name on Event Website Signage at Registration Table 10x10 Tent/Canopy area at Clubhouse if desired. Giveaway items, literature, etc. may be distributed from any tent area (Canopy Not Provided) Hole Sponsor- $150 Name on Event Website • Signage at 1 Hole Putting Contest Sponsor- $500 (1 Available, First Come-First Serve) Signage at Putting Green 10x10 Tent/Canopy area at Clubhouse if desired. Giveaway items, literature, etc. may be distributed from any tent area (Canopy Not Provided) Gift Bag Sponsors We will accept items to be placed in Golfer Gift Bags at your expense Recognition will be given at the awards ceremony Please donate items in increments of 120 each (30 Teams Max = 120 Golfers) Longest Drive Sponsor- $500 (1 Available, First Come-First Serve) Signage at Drive Fairway 10x10 Tent/Canopy area at Clubhouse if desired. Giveaway items, literature, etc. may be distributed from any tent area (Canopy Not Provided) Hole-In-One Challenge Sponsor Call for Pricing (2 Available, First Come-First Serve) Name on Event Flyer & Event Website Prize Item on Event Flyer & Website Prize Item Placed at Hole Challenge for Advertising 10x10 Tent/Canopy area at Clubhouse if desired. Giveaway items, literature, etc. may be distributed from any tent area (Canopy Not Provided) Contact Matthew Pruitt at 706-283-2551 or for registration or more information on how you could help with sponsorship. Tyshon Dye carried the ball... Touch Down.... Tyshon Dye Local Elberton hometown hero and role model, Tyshon Dye, was honored with a spectacular custom made monument after his untimely passing in 2019. As with so many times before, the members of the Elberton Granite Association came together to support and honor this outstanding young man’s life. Quality Monument Sales, Inc., Porcelains Unlimited, LLC, Century-Harmony Company, A.Q. Stone Design Company and Star Granite & Bronze, a division of Matthews Granite, all brought their individual talents, services and time together to ensure that Tyshon’s memorial would tell the story of Tyshon Dye. Angie Bonds, of Quality Monument Sales, Inc., a close friend of the Dye family, personally coordinated every step of the design and creation of this monument to make sure that Tyshon was perfectly represented. Quality Monument Sales, Inc. oversaw all aspects of the production and installation to make sure that every minute detail was taken care of. Quality Monument also supplied the Quality Blue granite and sandblasting used for the football-shaped monument along with the vases and base. Quality Monument Sales, Inc. met with Tyshon’s mother and offered to create a monument for him. The EGA member-firms quickly jumped on board when the different parts of the job was sent to them for design and production. Quinn Floyd with A.Q. Stone Design Company began creating different designs and layouts until just the perfect shape and format was found. He supplied his time and his design efforts along with cutting stencil for the front and back of the monument and the vases. Tanner Lewis with Porcelains Unlimited transformed a photograph of Tyshon on Mother’s Day into a beautiful 5” x 7” oval porcelain for the front of the monument and supplied it to A.Q. Design to incorporate into the design. This porcelain tied Tyshon’s “trademark smile” into the story that this monument tells of a young man that overcame great odds and became a role model to so many. The front of the monument features the sandblasted outlines and details of a football, something that was Tyshon’s passion throughout his life. The emblem on the left of the monument is the Elbert County Comprehensive High School logo where Tyshon played high school football. The logo on the right is the Clemson Tiger paw representing Clemson University where Tyshon played football and earned his degree in parks, recreation and tourism management before going to East Carolina as a grad transfer. While football was a large part of Tyshon’s life, his hard work, dedication and faith in God was his foundation. For that reason, much time and effort were spent on the pedestal of this monument. The pedestal tells the most detailed story of a young man nicknamed “TyDye” by his loved ones. Star Granite & Bronze supplied the jet black granite used for this monument. They utilized their high tech contour saw to cut the bottom of the football and the top of the pedestal so that the football would be perfectly cradled on top of the polished pedestal. Century Harmony and their in-house etching artist supplied etchings on the front and back of the jet black pedestal. The collage of photographs depict and memorialize Tyshon’s life. The center etching is Tyshon with his mother and his two brothers. Tyshon’s family taught him to work hard and to always look up in faith, so making this photo the center focal point of the pedestal was an intentional and personal touch. On the left of the family portrait is a collage of photos fashioned in front of the Elberton Granite Bowl, where Tyshon played high school football. On the right of the family photo are images of Tyshon placed in front of the Frank Howard Field at Clemson Memorial Stadium, popularly known as Death Valley. Both fields tied into so many highlights and milestones in Tyshon’s life. Century-Harmony and their artist did a great job telling of Tyshon’s life through their work. The flower vases were cut in the shape of helmets and bear the number 22. They are polished on front and back with a shell rock border along with rock pitch edges. The base of the monument is polished on the top with rock pitch sides. The Elberton Granite Association is so proud of the teamwork and comradery that its member-firms always find a way to display. It takes a very special group of people and business owners to juggle business successfully and still maintain such ties and friendships in a way that when tragedy strikes, they jump into action. This stunning monument was created by Southern Monument Company for Nicholasville Monument Company in Nicholasville, Kentucky. The monument was crafted from Jet Black granite and features an exaggerated oval top with notches, carved flutes & roses on the front and back. The monument sits atop two all polished sub bases. A laser etched photograph etched by Jenson Etching is centered along the top sub base along with the sandblasted names and date of marriage. The base was created with a polished top and a 3” polished margin with the balance being rock pitched. “Many thanks to Southern Granite & Jenson Etching” stated Ruth Ann Caudill with Nicholasville Monument Company. Baston Monuments, Inc. crafted this beautiful cross monument for Porter Monument Sales in Olive Hill, Kentucky. The monument was created using Baston Select Blue granite. Standing over eleven-feet tall, this monument towers above the rest. The top sub base is all polished and tapered. The sub base features sandblasted names, dates, marriage details and a bible scripture. The sub base is all polished with a one-inch front nosing. The base bears the family name and is all polished. Two square tapered vases sit on each side bearing the last name initials. This monument can be found in Fleming County Cemetery. Keystone Memorials, Inc. created this beautiful monument from Caprice Blue granite for Greeley Monument Works in Greeley, Colorado. The two tablets feature steel finish on front and back with rock pitch border and sides. A notch was cut into each one on the inside to accommodate the rounded pedestal. The base is fashioned with a steel finish top and rock pitch sides. This ornate upright monument was made by member Keystone Memorials, Inc. for Barre Monument Company in Baltimore, Maryland. Salisbury Pink granite was used for all four pieces giving the monument a high quality feel. The tablet includes a large bas relief sculpted ship with a double processed rope outlining the exaggerated serp top. The edges feature rock pitched straight ends. The first sub base is rounded into a beautiful steeled scotia leading to the second sub base and base that were steeled with a 1.5-inch margin with the balance being rock pitched on each. This monument stands proud and beautiful in Druid Ridge Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. This Elegant Grecian inspired design is manufactured in Star Blue and spans over 25 feet with a height amassing over 11 feet. Six modified Doric columns are vital in supporting the ornate entablature totaling over 9,300 lbs. Positioned in the center of the columns, the heart of the monument can be found with the complete verse of Psalms 91. The all steeled memorial took over 300 hours to manufacture dividing the workload amongst Star Granite’s 5-axis machinery, including the newest state of the art Thibaut machine. This beautiful Family Estate memorial can be found in Oaklawn Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida. This stately mausoleum was custom made by Southern Mausoleums, a division of Keystone Memorials, Inc. for Hope Haven Marble & Granite in Gonzales, Louisiana. The mausoleum is built with four crypts with side panel access. The family name “LEONARD” was sandblasted in a frosted panel on the header of the mausoleum sitting just under a polished cross featuring a sandblasted image of the crucifixion. The side walls surrounding the doors are flat carved with crosses and praying hands along with eight fleur de lis taken from EGA’s ct file design EGA-731. This symbol is also sandblasted on the two tapered vases using the popular shape-carve method. This beautiful monument and coping were crafted by River Edge Granite Company. The monument is all polished and made from India Red. Frosted bible panels on the monument are used for the individual names and dates while a frosted shaped panel is used for the last name. The base of the monument features a two-inch polished margin with rock pitched edges. River Edge contrasted this beautiful monument with grey granite coping that was custom fit to follow the slope of the ground. The coping ranges from six-inches tall all the way to twenty-inches tall. Keystone Memorials, Inc. crafted this memorial from Keystone Blue granite for Columbus Monument Company in Columbus, Georgia. The monument was created to honor the memory of the men and women that served in the 46th Infantry Regiment, known as “The Professionals”. The 46th Infantry Coat of Arms and its insignia are featured at the top of the tablet that were sandblasted and painted with color litho. The monument is all polished and has straight ends and top. The base of the monument is inscribed with the phrase “Lead to Victory” and is also all polished. This monument can be found in Ft. Benning, Georgia just outside of the 1-46th Infantry Headquarters building. Keystone Memorials, Inc. created this beautiful memorial to honor fallen K-9 Officers of Anderson County, South Carolina. The monument sits in the courtyard square of the Anderson County Courthouse. The monument is polished on front and back with rock pitch along the sides. Jenson Etching hand etched a beautiful portrait of K-9 Hyco, a K-9 Officer killed in the line of duty in 2015. It also has sandblasted and painted in gold litho, a list of the K-9’s that Anderson County has lost to this date. On the back side of the monument is a hand etched Fraternal Order of Police logo along with the sandblasted inscription “IN MEMORY OF THE DEDICATED K-9’s OF ANDERSON COUNTY THAT MADE THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE”. The base of this memorial is polished on the top with rock pitch on all four sides. Jenson Etching never fails at delivering unique and precise artwork with their hand etchings. Each design is etched with care from one of their many hand artists. This design is no different. The characteristics of K-9 Hyco were etched perfectly. The annual Stone Expo in Las Vegas, brings together all the leading stone machinery, tool and supply companies. The StonExpo is a large convention for our industry and, Las Vegas is one of the best locations to hold a convention that can handle the enormity of the crowds, as well as vendors! Stone Expo features: manufacturers, installers, architects, designers, builders, kitchen & bath specialists, retailers, distributors, general contractors and more, to source their stone product supplies and accessories. (L-R) Melissa & Terry Black, along with Matt, Chris & Karlie Wilson of Wilson Industrial Electric (L-R) Tali Segev of Kadima, Israel, Inge Hinss of Fort Meyers, FL and Tia Emery of Miles Supply (L-R) Alberto Fraccaro, Elena Meggiorin and Adriano Soso of Italdiamant USA (L-R) Justin Dean, Hank Newton, Tia Emery, Eric Chaloux and Adam Martin of Miles Supply (L-R) Andy Lundberg and Jared Lee of Diamant Boart This year’s Monument Builders University Conference was held at the Classic Center in the city of Athens, Georgia on February 6th - 9th. The conference showcased interactive workshops that provided attendees the opportunities to work side-by-side exploring a variety of topics in the monument industry. The conference also featured a special EGA sponsored day where the attendees took a bus tour to Elberton for hands-on applications and instructions. (L-R) Freddie & Fred Menor of Lake Worth, FL; Quinn Floyd of A.Q. Stone Design Company; Jana Selman of Purcell, OK and Kathie Bell with A.Q. Stone Design Company (L-R) Robin Tennant of Matthews Granite; Gary Dozier of Manchester, GA and Dwain Harris of Matthews Granite (L-R) Tanner Lewis of Porcelains Unlimited Mark & Caleb Luken from Rapid City, SD (L-R) Matt Worthington of Burleson,TX; Michael & Sarah Baston from Baston Monuments, Inc. and Suzanne, Frank & Griffin Parker from Knightdale, NC (L-R) Joshua Johnson from Clarksville, TN; Kevin Laird from Brookhaven, MS; Kenneth & Brandi Brown with Childs & Childs Granite Company, Kevin Cantrell from Palm Harbor, FL; Beth & Steve Carroll from King, NC and Jesse Johnson from Clarksville, TN (L-R) Bob Paul with Eagle Granite Company and Daniel Gaulden from Rock Hill, SC (L-R) Alex Fortosis and Andy Bolt from Comstock Park, MI; Kevin Laird from Brookhaven, MS and George Oglesby from Keystone Memorials (L-R) Anna & Greg Ruff with River Edge Granite Company; Tony Batton from Blackshear, GA and Craig Walters from Summit Hill, PA (L-R) Kyle Bagwell, Bicknell Supply Company; Austin Keesee from Wichita Falls, TX; Leslie Turpin with Bicknell Supply Company; Jonathan Benson from Needville, TX; Mike Beri with Bicknell Supply Company; Ben Martin, Asheville, NC; Michael Hughes, Bicknell Supply Company; Jeff Streigiel from Skaneateles, NY; LaQuinta Benson, Needville, TX and Joshua Johnson from Clarksville, TN (L-R) Mike & Pat Rutherford with Pyramid Stone Industries (L-R) Melissa Dias with Southern Granite Company; John Hickerson from Granite, OK and Jason Edwards with Southern Granite Company (L-R) Fred and Freddie Menor from Lake Worth, FL; Tony Batton from Blackshear, GA, and Brady Turner and Ben Gaines from Miles Supply of Elberton (L-R) Malcom Girard and Patrice Trudel of Laval, QC and Mike Fernandez and Kelly Storm of Design Mart (L-R) Marty King of King’s Monument Company; Brian Tennis of South Holland, IL and Kurt Lukemeyer of Kings Monument Company (L-R) Anthony Rowland of Bethel Springs, TN; Charlie Hunt of Nashville, TN; Vickie Rowland of Bethel Springs, TN; Daniel & Autumn Raper of Bethel Springs, TN; Rose & Marty Walker with Walker Granite Company and Bill Boone from Logan, OH (L-R) Mark & Mary Jordan Cowart from Columbus, MS; Chad Brown with Standard Granite and Ryan & Matt Worthington from Burleson, TX (L-R) Jodi Rowland from Dixie Granite Company; David VanStone from Columbus, OH; Cyndie Blanford with Dixie Granite Company and Jonathan Modlich from Columbus, OH (L-R) Chad & Kristy Spaeth of Shawano, WI; Tonia Wallace with Wallace Granite Sales; Freddie & Fred Menor of Lake Worth, FL and Roger Wallace with Wallace Granite Sales (L-R) Stacey Drake with Granite Sales & Supply and Daniel Raper of Bethel Springs, TN (L-R) Lynn & Vanessa Lee with Central Granite Company; Freddie & Fred Menor, Lake Worth, FL and Jake & Chrissy Smith from Central Granite Company (L-R) Lark & Chip Strickland from Colbert, GA and Brian Jenson from Jenson Etching (L-R) Chris St. John of Jackson, MI and Marty King & Kurt Lukemeyer of King’s Monument Company (L-R) Twyla Lovingood and Marlon Duncan of Darica Trucking Company; Colton Kehler of Independence, MO; Debbie Willis with Darica Trucking Company and Nathan Hughes & Angel Frisbie of Independence, MO (L-R) Grady Phillips of Winnsboro, SC; Tony Mills with L & M Granite Company; Mark Kessinger of Greensboro, NC; Rhonda Williams with L & M Granite Company; Simmone, Teyton & Tyler Mitchell of Greenfield, TN and Stan Mills with L & M Granite Company (L-R) Bo & Amanda Rutherford with Pyramid Materials; Ted Bloemker from Fremont, NE; Gara Andrews with Pyramid Materials; Chris Smith from Broken Bow, NE; Jonathan & Breanna Evans with Pyramid Materials; Marla Scarborough and Brenda & John Hickerson from Granite, OK (L-R) Colton Kehler from Independence, MO; Hayden Sipe with Star Granite & Bronze and Angel Frisbie & Nathan Hughes from Independence, MO (L-R) Chrissy & Jake Smith with Central Granite Company and Kevin Hipp from Norwalk, OH (L-R) Billy Fox with Henry & Henry Trucking; Barbara & Bobby Worley with Majestic Granite Company; Rhoda & Paul Albertson with Henry & Henry Trucking and Chip and Lark Strickland from Colbert, GA MonuCon, one of the largest full display monument conventions in 2020 was held February 21st-23rd.It was held at Turning Stone Casino and Resort, one of the top destinations in the state of New York. This monument convention was one that will be talked about for years to come. (L-R) John Ricker of North Attleboro, MA and Jonathan Evans of Pyramid Stone Industries (L-R) Sven & Laurie Miller of Leola, PA; Ben Baker, Steven Skeba and Robert Baker of Matthews Granite; and Richard Syphers of Hampton, NY (L-R) Anthony Spadolini of Lindehurst, NY; Anna Phillips with Porcelains Unlimited; Greg Spadolini of Lindehurst, NY; Jacqueline Williams and Charles Hoag of Woodburn, NY; and Tanner Lewis of Porcelains Unlimited (L-R) Jarrod Hart, Barre, VT; DJ Hardaker, Barre VT; Evan Storrs and Jeff Poirier from Miles Supply Richard Lee Rucker May 4, 1943 - December 23, 2019 Mr. Richard Lee Rucker, 76, of S. Tusten Street, Elberton, passed away on Monday, December 23, 2019, at his residence. He was twice married, first for 33 years to the late Gail Thomason Rucker and second for 20 years to Bridget Waters Rucker, who survives. Mr. Rucker was born in Elberton on May 4, 1943, son of the late James Willis Rucker and Reba Yeargin Rucker. Richard was a 1962 graduate of Elbert County High School and furthered his education at North Georgia Technical College. He was co-owner/operator of Rucker Trucking Company a former member-firm of the Elberton Granite Association. Mr. Rucker was a member of the Elberton Pentecostal Holiness Church where he served as a Deacon, was a member of Philomathea Masonic Lodge 25, and a former member of the Elberton Country Club. Richard served on the Elbert County Board of Commissioners for 8 years. He was an avid pilot, enjoyed dancing, and motorcycling. Survivors include his wife, Bridget; children and their spouses: Sonya and Jim Hulme of Elberton, Rodney and Jennifer Rucker of Simpsonville, SC, and Russ and Samantha Rucker of Elberton; grandchildren: Parker and Cassie Hulme, Rachel Hulme, Abigail Rucker, Aidan Rucker, Rilee Rucker, Samuel Rucker, and Roslynn Rucker; siblings: Frances and Herman Guest of Carlton, Bobby and Foye Rucker of Elberton, and Phyllis Brooks of Elberton; and a host of nieces, nephews, and other relatives. The Elberton Granite Association would like to offer their deepest condolences to Mr. Rucker’s family. Bobby Wayne Childs July 8, 1939 - January 12, 2020 Mr. Bobby ‘Wayne’ Childs, 80, of Country Club Road, Elberton, husband of 50 years to Barbara Rhodes Childs, passed away peacefully on Sunday, January 12, 2020, at Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital surrounded by his family. Wayne was born in Elberton on July 8, 1939, son of the late Edwin Franklin Childs and Evelyn Inez Smith Childs Starke. He was a member of Falling Creek Baptist Church, and, along with his brother, was co-owner of Forest Hill Granite Company, a former EGA member-firm. Wayne loved his family, being in nature, and working in his yard with his John Deere Tractor. Survivors include his wife, Barbara; children: Patti and Rickey Johnson, Allen Childs, and Sandi and Greg Willoughby, all of Elberton; grandchildren: Brittney and Jarrett Berryman of Hartwell, Breanne and Cole Ferrell, and Mya Childs, all of Elberton; great-grandchildren: Presley Berryman, Carter Ferrell, and a new Baby Ferrell expected in April; brother and sister-in-law, Carroll and Gwen Childs of Elberton; and many nieces, nephews, and other relatives. Eugene Worley September 17, 1936 - March 7, 2020 Mr. Eugene Worley, 83, of Lincolnton Highway, Elberton, husband of 57 years to Shirley Carol Bailey Worley, finished his course in faith on Saturday, March 7, 2020, at Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital. Mr. Worley was born in Elberton on September 17, 1936, son of the late Dunston Baker Worley, Sr. and Lola Mae Hall Worley. He was a member of Bethlehem United Methodist Church, and with his wife, owned and operated Globe Granite Company, a former EGA member-firm. Gene served his country in the Army National Guard. Gene was an avid golfer and a member and Past President of Elberton Country Club. He enjoyed traveling, especially going on cruises, and Granddaddy was happiest when surrounded by “his girls”. Survivors include his wife, Shirley of the residence; two daughters: Tammy Carol Worley of Clarkesville and Angie Worley Dunn of Elberton; grandchildren: Ashton Jean Dunn, Lola Carol Dunn, and Bailey Len Dunn; and a host of nieces, nephews, and other relatives.
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