Graniteer Winter 1980

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Elberton Granite's reputation as one of the world's best monumental stones, Elbert County's geographic location, and fate seem to be key elements in why one of the nation's most unusual monuments was unveiled near Elberton, March 22. Already called "America's Stonehenge", after the mysterious monuments in England which have puzzled men for ages, the Georgia Guidestones has attracted nationwide publicity and promises to become a major tourist attraction. Overwhelming in size and steeped in enigma, the guidestones was revealed to the nation in the Winter, 1979, Elberton Graniteer, and is as much a mystery now as it was then, and probably still will be when man ceases to record his history. The gargantuan, six-piece monument stands 19 feet high in the beautiful hill country eight niles north of Elberton and proclaims a message for the conservation of mankind. Its origins and sponsors are unknown; hence, the mystery. The components were manufactured from Elberton Granite Finishing Company, Pyramid Blue Granite, and the firms President, Joe H. Fendley, Sr, said the project was one of the most challenging ever for his quarrying and monument manufacturing concern, partly because of the magnitude of the materials and partly because of the exacting specifications from the mysterious group of sponsors, and those specifications were so precise that they had to be compile cy experts on stone as well as construction, said Fendley. He said it all began late on a Friday afternoon in June when a well dressed and articulate man walked into his offices on the Tate Street Extension and wanted to know the cost of building a large monument to conservation. He identified himself only as Mr. R.C. Christian. He told Fendley that he represented a small group of loyal Americans living outside Georgia who wished to remain anonymous forever, and that he chose the name Christian because he was a Christian. He inquired where Fendley banked and Joe put him in touch with both local banks. Wyatt C. Martin, President of the Granite City Band, was selected by Mr. Christian to be the intermediary for the mysterious project.
Spring 1980
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