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Willis Dimension Stone, Inc.

Dale Willis, President Wanda Willis, Secretary
member since 1990
Address P.O. Box 6404 1504 Old Middleton Road Elberton , georgia 30635
Phone Numbers (706) 213-8031
Fax Numbers (706) 213-0195
Services Q / MO (Pavers, Curbing, Building Stone & Cobblestones)

Wilson Industrial Electric, Inc.

Matt R. Wilson, President Ray D. Wilson, Vice President Melissa W. Black, CFO
member since 1986
Address P.O. Box 1058 1028 MLK Jr. Blvd. Elberton , georgia 30635
Phone Numbers 706-213-6725
Fax Numbers (706) 283-8046
Services S (machinery repair) / EQ