Monument Retailers Course 2016

EGA Training Institute
Monument Retailers Course

September 19 - 23, 2016

The class is geared toward those new to the monument industry, however the class will benefit anyone looking to expand their knowledge in our industry. The five-day course will feature tours around Elberton and seminars on industry terminology, pricing, selling and much more.

Back by popular demand, this year's guest speaker is Paul Dimatteo, owner of Maine Memorial Company located in South Portland, Maine. He has been in the monument industry since 1988, and has taught numerous educational seminars within the business. Paul is part of a family with a rich history in themonument industry. Maine Memorial Company was founded in 1919, and in 1988, Paul purchased the family business from his father. Growing up in the monument business provided Paul with knowledge in every aspect of monument manufacturing, sales, and administration. Paul graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a BS degree in Economics and an ABS degree in Business Administration.

Paul Dimatteo, CM

Paul has previously served as Board Member of the Monument Builders of North America (MBNA) and the New England Monument Dealer's Association. Paul is also the past President of the MBNA and the New England Monument Builders Association. In 2004, Paul became a Certified Memorialist. In 1998 and 1999, Paul won the Aspire Award for Marketing and Public Relations.

Paul says that his seminars are not only lively and entertaining, he promises that, "Whether you have been working in the industry for 50 years or just 50 days, you will learn something new by attending this seminar."


Enrollment is limited to TWO persons, per firm, per session. Sponsorship by a voting member-firm is required.
Cost is $250 per person.

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